Berkeley Law Professor Can’t Face the Facts

"190411-D-PB383-003" by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Ever since the trademark Roe v. Wade decision was overturned by the Supreme Court, the left has been in shambles.

They’re posting unhinged videos criticizing the decision and making absurd claims to support their pro-abortion narrative.

In fact, there hasn’t been a single day since SCOTUS rendered their decision that we haven’t seen someone push the boundaries of “woke.”

Wokeness has often included celebrations of the heinous act of mutilation and murder of unborn children.

“berkeley” by Scott Garner

Gender crowd back at it again

DC has been crawling with pro-abortion activists for over a week now.

The angry mob’s latest agenda is that men can get pregnant too, possibly overruling the whole “keep your laws off our bodies” chant we’ve been hearing all these years.

Unfortunately for the larger portion of the woke army, those peddling the pro-abortion narrative aren’t exactly the most skilled at what they do.

They’re still struggling to provide a solid definition of what a woman is, let alone defend murdering an unborn baby.

Even Biden’s Supreme Court selectee couldn’t give an answer to a question as simple as defining the term “woman,” claiming that she’s not a biologist.

Last time we checked, the definition of a woman was an adult female human.

It’s been that way for at least a century now, meaning that Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s lack of response had more to do with politics than it did with her limited knowledge of biology.

Senator Josh Hawley triumphs over “woke” professor

However, Justice Jackson isn’t alone in her ignorance.

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Berkeley professor Khiara Bridges found herself in quite the predicament when Senator Josh Hawley questioned her pregnancy-related terminology and asked her who can actually become pregnant.

Much like Jackson, Prof. Bridges found it difficult to face the facts when Senator Hawley asked if she meant women when she said: “people that can become pregnant,” which, naturally, prompted an unhinged rant from the educated “scholar.”

After failing to explain how non-biological women can become pregnant, Bridges flipped the page, claiming Senator Hawley was “endangering” the trans community by pretending they don’t exist.

After shouting at the senator dozens of times, Bridges finally asked him if he believes men can get pregnant. To this, he calmly replied that he doesn’t, leaving Bridges with a satisfied look on her face, almost as if she’d won this discussion.

It’s important to note this woman with no semblance of common sense and reason is an “accomplished” academic at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, if not the entire world.

Make sure you’ve done your research before sending your child off to a $44k tuition college, only for them to be “educated” by radicals such as Bridges.


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