Biden Fails to Comprehend Teleprompter Instructions

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

After yet another one of Joe Biden’s gaffes started circulating the world wide web, the White House Press Office had its hands full with covering it up.

This time, they’re claiming the president actually did exactly as he was instructed.

Aside from the hilarious notion that someone instructed Biden to read everything, word for word, off the teleprompter, many pointed out the gaffe resembled a moment from the famous Anchorman movies with Will Ferrel.

This led dozens of right-leaning Twitter users to mock the president for days on end.

“Joe Biden” by Gage Skidmore

Presidential gaffe series

What’s more, it seems Biden couldn’t even power through the grammatical errors, let alone the instructions he wasn’t supposed to say. Republican strategist Greg Price posted dozens of clips from the incident.

In his posts, Price references the Anchorman movies, claiming White House staffers must be furious with Biden for his embarrassing on-air incidents.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s hard not to wonder why they even let him on live television anymore.

However, Biden’s assistant press secretary was there to defend the president’s honor, claiming he’d actually said “let me repeat that line” instead of what Price literally showed proof of.

Eager to join in on some trending Twitter beef, Elon Musk also chimed in, stating whoever is behind that teleprompter is the real “puppetmaster,” reiterating the notion that Biden isn’t actually the one in charge of his presidency.

Elon Musk claims someone else is pulling the strings

Musk then posted his own Anchorman comparison to his Twitter feed.

After this, he said Biden, just like Ron Burgundy, the movie’s main character, will read anything he sees on the teleprompter, referencing a moment when the character creates a strange noise when presented with a “?” at the end of a sentence.

This isn’t the first time the eccentric Tesla CEO mocked Biden for his gaffes.

He already made suggestions about Biden not being in control all the way back in May when he joked the way to the teleprompter is the path to power in the US right now.

Biden’s appearance this Friday was a precursor to his executive order signing that aimed to safeguard abortions after the Supreme Court overruled the Roe v. Wade decision, allowing each state to deal with the act on their own terms.

He then pandered to the liberals, claiming the Supreme Court’s decision was infringing on women’s rights and the ruling practically undid hundreds of years of progress for women’s rights.

Fortunately, with his tanking approval rating and series of gaffes, it’s hard for anyone to take Biden seriously at this point.

Even if someone is actually pulling the strings for the Biden administration’s actions, they’re likely not much better off either.


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