Biden Gives Odd Interview After Months of Dodging the Media


Since Joe Biden got into office, there have been bizarre recurrences of him ducking the media. During his earliest days as president, Biden didn’t give interviews or even one-on-one press conferences.

Only after public pressure did this change. However, even then, the president’s still got fewer interviews on his record than previous presidents before him during similar periods in their terms.

Many Americans believe White House staffers are trying to keep Biden from embarrassing himself, hence the lack of interviews.

On Thursday, the president finally gave an interview in the Oval Office. Yet, the statements he made are viewed as strange to much of the country, per Breitbart News.

Biden on Americans Under His Presidency

The president told Associated Press that people are “really down” as of late. However, even after admitting this, Biden still refused to take accountability for the role he and his administration have played in Americans’ malaise.

Instead, Biden blamed people being “really down” and “upset” on COVID and mental health reasons. He didn’t once acknowledge the role that heavy spending and radical climate change reforms have played in today’s volatile economy.

Before the president’s interview with the Associated Press concluded, he largely shrugged off repeated warnings that a recession is coming soon. Biden also claimed America is in the best position to ultimately rise above inflation.

Finally, the president made it clear he doesn’t believe he or his policies are connected to inflation whatsoever. As a matter of fact, Biden even said “most economists” don’t support the idea that his spending led to inflation.

The president then cited inflationary pressures in other nations to absolve himself of domestic inflation here at home.

More Scandals Facing the President

Biden remains in hot water over many issues stemming beyond inflation.

The baby formula shortage is one example of another issue that’s spiraled out of control on his watch. It also doesn’t help that shortages in both feminine products and insulin are being reported as well.

During this week, the White House was questioned about Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia.

The president has claimed to be a defender of the LGBTQ community; yet, Saudi Arabia is extremely hostile towards LGBTQ folks. Members of this community are criminalized by default in the nation.

When White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked about this, she said the administration is committed to defending and advocating for the rights of the community.

Jean-Pierre did not explain how this fits with Biden visiting a country that’s hostile towards a community he’s a professed ally of.

What do you think of Joe Biden’s latest interview with the Associated Press? Let us know in the comments area below if you agree with his claims about inflation and the mental health of Americans.


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