Biden Shares His Views on a Potential Second Run Against Trump


Despite considerable pushback from his own party, Joe Biden insists that he’s going to run for the White House again in 2024.

Just earlier this week, Biden was asked about recent polling that shows more than six in ten Democrats don’t want him on as the nominee. The president responded by snapping at the media and demanding for them to look at the polls again.

Progressives, who are traditionally viewed as part of Biden’s base, have been coming out swinging against him. In a nutshell, this voter bloc believes the current president has been ineffective and ought to be replaced by a better Democrat in 2024.

Despite all this, Biden recently sat down for an interview and talked about how delighted he is at the prospect of running against former President Trump again, per Newsmax.

Biden on Running Against Trump For a Second Time

While speaking with Israeli media, the current president made it clear he’s got zero qualms about running against Trump again.

Ultimately, Biden claimed a rematch wouldn’t “disappoint” him; although, it’s not something that he’s saying will or will not occur.

Later, Biden mentioned that because he hasn’t even gotten to the second half of his current term yet, there’s still much time between now and the 2024 presidential election.

In previous polls documenting a hypothetical Biden vs. Trump rematch, the latter led on multiple occasions.

Trump personally has teased the possibility of running for the presidency again in 2024; although nothing is formally official yet.

No Real Evidence to Support Biden’s Beliefs

The current president has consistently held firm to the view that running against Trump in 2024 would be a cakewalk. Yet, while still in the first half of his term, Biden’s support levels are waning.

What’s hurting Biden the most is the Democrat Party turning against him. Democrats are growing increasingly outspoken not just in their views that Biden shouldn’t be the 2024 nominee, but also that his current leadership just isn’t good enough.

Biden’s claims that Democrats want him to run and that he’ll smoothly sail to a second term in 2024 just aren’t supported by what his own base is saying.

To make matters even worse for Biden, he went from having a moderate level of support from Independent voters to now only having 19% of Independents approve of the work he’s doing in office.

To countless Americans across the United States, it remains a mystery as to what information Biden’s using as he makes claims about the 2024 presidential election and his plans to pursue a second term.

What are your thoughts about Joe Biden’s comments on running against Trump once more in 2024? You’re invited to let us know where you stand on this issue in the comments area down below.


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