Biden Spars With Chevron Over Gas Prices


As the Biden administration takes heat over expensive gas rates, it’s come up with a harebrained narrative that sets oil and gas companies as the villains.

Biden is adamant in claiming these companies are price gouging and engaging in other predatory acts against consumers.

Energy corporations are now pushing back against this, claiming that Biden’s climate change policies have set current gas prices where they stand today.

Likewise, these companies are saying that as prices rise, this impacts what they can realistically charge consumers.

The leader of Chevron is now one of the latest voices in the energy sector to combat Biden’s untrue narratives, according to Newsmax.

Biden vs. Chevron: What You Should Know

Chevron CEO Michael Wirth was transparent that he’s had it with Biden’s claims about energy firms and their impacts on gas prices.

Earlier this week, Wirth sent a letter to Biden, accusing the president of demonizing oil companies, while refusing to help them with production. The CEO of Chevron was also clear that he’d actually like to work with the federal government.

In his letter to Biden, Wirth called for the government to meet the needs of the American public by working with energy firms to address current challenges.

However, the president is still keeping his vendetta against energy companies alive and well. When asked about the statements from the Chevron CEO, Biden accused him of being “sensitive” and having easily hurt feelings.

Likewise, the president insisted that it’s untrue these companies lack the oil to drill. This comes despite Biden’s own reforms that actively impede oil drilling in the United States.

Bad News For Biden

The president’s refusal to show even an iota of good faith to oil companies is a huge reason why the United States is facing current issues with gas prices.

At the end of the day, gas prices are also a contributing factor in the economy inching towards a recession.

Of course, the notion of a US recession is one that Biden and his aides continue to downplay.

According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House doesn’t think a recession is going to happen; however, this directly mirrors remarks they made over a year ago that downplayed America’s ongoing inflation crisis.

At the rate things are going, the economy will continue to spiral. If the White House were to roll back even some of its policies that hamper the energy sector, the country would be in a better position.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s continuous demonization of energy companies, even as they try to work with the federal government? Please be sure to share your opinions about this with us in the comments area right below.


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