Biden Under Fire For Misusing the Defense Production Act


America’s baby formula shortage has caused concern, frustration, and even health problems for infants who need this food supply.

The federal government was aware, back in February, of a baby formula shortage that would materialize. Yet, it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that Joe Biden truly started to take measures to contain these shortages.

The White House has talked a good game regarding shipments of baby formula that are arriving from other nations, such as Germany.

However, Republicans pointed out that having to airlift formula from other countries is a sign of how greatly Biden’s failed domestically.

The current president’s been using the Defense Production Act so frequently that it’s now causing serious concern amongst Republicans, per Newsmax.

Analyzing Biden’s Use of the Defense Production Act

In a nutshell, the Defense Production Act allows US presidents to heighten manufacturing levels of various supplies that are scarce amid an emergency. This is not designed to give the president a free-for-all; however, this is how Biden’s been treating it, as of late.

Not only has Biden been using the Defense Production Act to get more baby formula into the United States, but he’s also been using it to increase the production of various solar panel parts.

Unlike baby formula, the United States doesn’t have any sort of a pressing, life-or-death need for solar panels or the parts used to create them.

This is why Republicans are now sounding the alarm and warning the president is currently abusing his power.

Naturally, the White House is pushing back against this. According to press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, an increase in “domestic clean energy” is something the administration perceives as a priority.

Too Little, Too Late?

Critics of the current president routinely warn that he’s consistently behind the eight-ball, failing to tackle problems until they’ve spiraled out of control.

The baby formula shortage is one prime example of this, considering the timeframe in which the White House was made aware of these issues.

Republicans have likewise criticized Biden for focusing on solar panels while economic problems like inflation eat alive everyday Americans.

To this day, the president persists in placing his climate change agenda ahead of policies (like pipeline activity, oil and gas leases, and drilling) that would reduce the costs Americans are facing each day.

At this point, there’s no telling what else the president may invoke the Defense Production Act for. It’s unlikely that he will voluntarily stop with baby formula and solar panel parts.

Do you believe Joe Biden is currently abusing the Defense Production Act? Should he be held accountable for this in some way? We would very much love to read your thoughts about this in the comments area below.


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