Criminals Having a Field Day With Apple AirTags


Apple is an extremely popular company these days. MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, AirPods, and other Apple devices are consistently used. Apple’s also earned a reputation as a renowned company that makes high-quality products, outclassing the competition.

However, even a company like Apple isn’t without its issues. For instance, one product that’s come under the limelight is Apple AirTags.

These devices are designed to help people avoid losing their property; however, these AirTags are now being used for far more nefarious purposes.

As it turns out, many criminals are operating AirTags to assist them in committing heinous crimes, according to Fox News.

What to Know About Unlawful Uses of AirTags

Multiple law enforcement departments have warned that people are using Apple AirTags to chase people down and stalk them.

From here, some of the worst-case scenarios have been murder and other gruesome personal crimes. All the perpetrators have to do is slip an AirTag onto their target’s person or property and then let the device do the work.

There are multiple stories of women being tracked with these tags by jealous ex-partners. Then, there was a report out of Indiana of one woman who used an AirTag to track a boyfriend who she believed was being unfaithful to her.

After finding this boyfriend, the woman ended up running over him with her vehicle multiple times, ending his life.

In nearly two dozen states nationwide, there are laws on the books against electronic tracking. However, these latest incidents with AirTags have prompted some states to consider putting new and updated laws into effect.

Response From Apple

Considering how AirTags are being used, people have naturally turned to Apple for an explanation of sorts.

To this end, the tech company confirmed that it condemns any of its products being used for “malicious” reasons. However, Apple did not commit to discontinuing the use of the product or recalling it.

What the company did do was put in place software updates that alert individuals who are unknowingly being tracked with AirTags. Keeping an eye out for notifications from Apple is also advised, as is being mindful of any beeping that seems out of place.

Many people are hopeful that news of how AirTags are being used by criminals will put more folks on their guard. Apple’s updates to its software could also play a vital role in saving lives and stopping criminals from abusing this technology.

What do you think about the ways in which Apple AirTags are being abused by stalkers, murderers, and other criminals? Do you believe there is any activity authorities can take in order to prevent these types of crimes?

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