Democrats Are Preparing 2024 Primary Challengers Against Biden


The Biden presidency has endured many bumps along the way.

The bumps seem to be increasing, rather than decreasing, though. This is made clear by the salacious details coming out about the president’s son, Hunter Biden, along with the crime and economic problems this country faces.

At this time, the White House is not taking action to improve America on Biden’s watch. Instead, the administration is claiming Biden’s coming through and saying the economy is more potent than it’s been ever before.

Americans objectively know these claims are false; that goes for Democrats as well. It is precisely for these reasons that the Democratic establishment is working to primary the siting president in 2024, per Washington Examiner.

Major Roadblocks Coming Biden’s Way

In talks with the conservative publication, multiple Democratic officials made clear their interest in re-routing the current direction of the party.

At this time, these officials don’t believe the current president’s lived up to what he promised on the campaign trail.

These sentiments have been further solidified by the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, the downfall of the Build Back Better Act, along with other setbacks for the Biden administration.

Democratic officials likewise claim the president’s response to Roe v. Wade’s demise was a disappointment to the party. Biden’s base wanted to see more rage from him, rather than simply calls to action for people to vote blue in November.

The current president’s age is furthermore a factor in the establishment’s work to find viable challengers against him in the 2024 primary. Following the 2024 presidential election, Biden will be 82 years old.

Some Democrats believe it’s time for younger members within the party to begin having a more active role.

Who Could Primary Biden in 2024?

Thus far, there are growing possibilities of potential primary challengers the president could face during the next election season.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzer, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are each names that have come up.

Newsom truly garnered talk of being a possible 2024 presidential candidate when he ran ads in Florida attacking the state’s leadership.

Naturally, Newsom’s message that Florida’s taking away freedoms was panned as hypocritical, given the tight COVID restrictions that Newsom pushed and permitted in California.

Biden’s indicated he has every intent of going for term two in the White House. Reports also state the president isn’t taking kindly to his own party questioning his competence.

Judging from what Democratic officials are saying and doing, Biden’s frustrations may worsen by the time he’s up for re-election.

Do you think Joe Biden is going to end up getting challenged in the 2024 Democratic primary election? Do you believe this primary challenge, if it happens, will succeed? Let us know about this in the comments area.


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