Expert Opinion on Why Everyone Should Own an AR-15

"AR 15" by David Leo Veksler

The AR-15 debate has been plaguing the US ever since the rifle’s inception.

Democrats have been adamant, from the very start, in claiming the sleek, black instrument of destruction does not belong in the hands of the US population.

However, if we ignore the common misconceptions surrounding the gun itself, it’s nothing more than a modern version of a standard assault rifle, a concept created nearly three centuries ago.

“AR 15” by David Leo Veksler

Democrats silenced once and for all

Despite all the evidence pointing at the AR being yet another firearm in a sea of millions of them, the political left refuses to change its ignorant opinion, which is exactly where gun expert Colion Noir comes in.

Noir is already famous in the firearms community.

He has an established audience of over two million on his YouTube channel, as well as dozens of appearances on popular talk shows, like the Joe Rogan Experience and Real Time with Bill Maher.

Furthermore, the pro-gun activist spoke at the NRA’s conventions and has been the host of NRATV for years on end.

This makes him more than qualified to speak on the matter of whether a standard assault rifle is any different from the rest.

He opens by clarifying the 2nd Amendment is a Bill of Rights, not a Bill of Needs, assuring there’s no law out there requiring you to own a specific gun.

Level the playing field

The list starts off hot, with Noir claiming the AR-15 shines during break-in attempts with multiple suspects.

The assault rifle goes a long way in leveling the playing field against intruders, even if they’ve got a two-week head start on you in planning.

Noir adds that owning a firearm is all about compromise.

While a handgun can be easier to carry and store, they’re often underpowered for the situation you’ll be facing. If the assailants do not run at the first sound of gunfire, you’ll wish you had an AR-15.

To cut a long story short, the assault rifle provides all the benefits it does to criminals to anyone who owns it.

That is so long as they’re educated on how to use it properly and responsibly; that should be enough reason on its own to justify its existence.

He continues by stating the recent trend of defunding the police means any minor civil unrest may put you and your family in danger. During a time when you can’t rely on the boys in blue, you’ll need the next best thing.

What’s more, Noir assures that no handgun or shotgun is effective against an angry mob if they choose you as their next target.

The former isn’t effective in intimidating a large group of people, whereas the latter is much harder to shoot consistently, due to the strong recoil and shorter range.

Finally, even outside a civil unrest scenario, you have to remember that despite all the gun control the left may impose in the US, those looking to purchase them illegally never cared for gun control, to begin with.

If you wish to defend against criminals, you need at least an equal amount of firepower.


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