Famous Actress Whoopi Goldberg Continues Her Divisive Narrative

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After the trademark Roe v. Wade decision was overturned by the US Supreme Court last week, dozens of influential figures decided to voice their opinions on the matter.

Among them was famous black actress Whoopi Goldberg.

However, as it turns out, aside from being a published author and celebrated comedian, Goldberg doesn’t exactly shy away from handing out threats to authoritative figures.

She warned Justice Thomas that his interracial marriage may now be up for debate.

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Roe v. Wade overturn stirs the BLM crowd

This comes specifically after the Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which ultimately led to overturns in both the Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey cases.

This prompted Goldberg to join a handful of other co-hosts on The View to discuss any future implications it may have.

During the show, the co-hosts, along with Whoopi, debated the idea that the ruling is out of place. They claimed Justice Samuel Alito used religion as a form of leverage against the people, after which the actress announced she was actually pro-life.

Unfortunately for her, it seems she didn’t exactly understand what pro-life means.

That would mean she’s fighting the right battle on the wrong side, with her reasoning being that she wants human life to be cherished, but she isn’t willing to have someone tell her how to raise her daughter.

After what seemed to be the most misplaced crowd cheer in the history of television, Goldberg went in for the kill on Justice Thomas, stating while she does support everyone’s religious choices, she does not subscribe to them.

Goldberg hands out a whooping for Justice Thomas

Despite being interrupted several times during her monologue, Whoopi kept at it.

She said everything starting with contraception all the way to gay marriage being overturned is on the menu, also hinting at the black community possibly losing their rights.

While Goldberg’s views are largely filled with bias, one wouldn’t expect anything less from a BLM peddler such as herself.

As per usual, the BLM organization is attempting to drive a pin where it doesn’t belong, advocating for equality, but pushing for division with no end in sight. Whoopi seems to be in full support of such a divisive narrative.

She closed out with a stark warning for Justice Clarence Thomas, claiming he as a black man should be concerned with the future of his marriage to a white woman.

The fact remains that the black community was pressed down on in the past century, but things have moved past that so long ago.

It’s become borderline absurd to even mention it in a modern context; although no one ever said BLM supporters like to dabble in common sense and reason.


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