Gavin Newsom Slammed Over Homelessness Crisis in California


Despite holding considerable power in California, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is overseeing a lot of problems in his state.

Crime continues to skyrocket, with Los Angeles and San Francisco being some of the hardest-hit communities. On top of crime, gas prices are pushing $10 per gallon in certain parts of the state.

Recently, the Democratic-controlled California state legislature shot down an opportunity to pass a gas tax holiday. Instead, taxes were actually increased.

Homelessness is yet another major issue happening with Newsom being governor. This has led to Newsom being called out by none other than singer Cher, per Breitbart News.

Backlash Against the Homelessness Crisis

On Twitter, Cher posted an image of a homeless man laying down on a sidewalk with a bag used as a pillow.

With this image was a caption for Newsom to get his act together, with Cher claiming that Newsom just wants to skate by, hardly doing the bare minimum.

Despite the criticism, Cher said she would vote for Newsom any day over a GOP candidate. The pop singer also claimed she’d even “chew nails” before she cast a ballot for a Republican.

After demanding for the California governor to pull himself together, Cher also demanded that he meet his constituent who was photographed sleeping on a sidewalk in California.

Unfortunately for Californians, homelessness has been increasing, despite Newsom’s claims to be working to help people in this crisis.

As it turns out, putting homeless people into hotels hasn’t rendered long-term success in keeping people off the streets.

Low Likelihood of Real Change?

Democrats have expressed their concerns about crime and homelessness in the polls, similarly to Cher. However, people in the state have also repeatedly backed Newsom and rejected GOP leadership.

GOP leadership could go a long way in putting through policies that reduce homelessness, cut back on crime, and empower people to regain control of their lives.

Nevertheless, as Cher stated, she would “chew nails” before voting for any Republican candidate. In California, she’s not alone in this.

Democrats continue to show California voters the type of leadership they’re willing to bring to the table. If the people of the state repeatedly vote for the same candidates with identical policies, little will change.

Since 2020, many individuals and businesses have been exiting California, relocating to different (red) states in order to build better lives. If problems in California persist, additional residents of the left-wing state may be out the door.

What do you think of the consistent homelessness problem that’s plagued California? Do you believe Newsom is ever going to truly get a hold of this? In the comments field below, let us know your thoughts on Cher’s comments and the future of California.


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