Jussie Smollett is Still Peddling His Fraudulent Narrative

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After being disgraced by a federal court and practically becoming hated by all of America, has-been actor Jussie Smollett is back to his usual ways.

He’s claiming the hate crime he staged was an organized attack by a white supremacist group.

At this point, it’s not even funny anymore. Watching this man continuously lay out “alternate facts” for a speckle of fame is demoralizing, especially since he nearly destroyed the careers of two other black actors he hired for his heinous acts.

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Being publicly branded a liar doesn’t mean squat to Jussie

During an interview held on Wednesday, Smollet claimed the homophobic, racist attack was real, adding if he’d fabricated it, he would be dishonoring nearly 400 years of hate crimes against African Americans.

Aside from 400 years being quite a reach, his actions did exactly that. Juries are going to look at every hate crime victim through the Smollett trial lens, meaning hundreds of victims across the US will never see justice get served.

After a two-year-long investigation that cost the Chicago Police Department thousands of police hours that could’ve been spent fighting actual crime, Smollett was ultimately found guilty of staging the attack.

According to his claims, two white men ambushed him after midnight, put a bag over his head, poured bleach on his face, and shouted “This is MAGA country.”

All of this was proven to be false by a dozen of testimonies, including those of the two Nigerian brothers who helped him stage the crime.

Smollett served a week of his 150-day sentence

On March 10, Smollett received quite the light sentence.

He only has to spend 150 days in jail and 30 months on probation, as well as pay $120k in restitution to the Chicago Police Department and $25k in fines.

However, Smollett had more than one pathetic trick up his sleeve.

Only six days after he’d been incarcerated, he pleaded to be released, claiming being locked up caused permanent damage to his mental health and saying he’s at risk of contracting COVID-19, due to his immune system being compromised.

Smollett insisted the only reason he received jail time was his skin color, which goes to show exactly how delusional BLM peddlers can actually be.

During the interview, the boy who cried “hate crime” also added he had no need to boost his career by staging a crime, as he’d already been a rising star. That’s a bit of a stretch for someone known solely for a show as mediocre as “Empire.”

Smollett went as far as claiming if he’d actually staged the attack, he’d have portrayed himself as a victor, not a victim.

If anything, we can rest easy knowing that Smollett won’t be getting cast for any major roles in the near future; although, with his skill repertoire, he’d be perfect for a reboot of The Usual Suspects.


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