Libs Seek to Remove Word “Mother” From the English Dictionary

"mother" by Jessica Pankratz

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to be a biological female in today’s society.

The radical left is taking additional steps to practically erase the female identity through the removal of standardized terminology.

However, this doesn’t exactly only apply to medical textbooks and terminology. Their latest agenda is removing the word “mother” as a means of appeasing the transgender population, which, by the way, accounts for less than 2% of the entire US population.

“mother child” by Michael Kordahi

Libs continue pandering to the trans community

In fact, this agenda was supported by the National Education Association.

It proposed the term be replaced by “birthing parent” for the purposes of being more inclusive toward LGBTQ members.

This means the Board of Education will be forced into redefining terms like “maternity leave,” “mother,” and “father,” all for the purpose of providing superficial inclusiveness for the community that makes up such a small portion of the overall population.

This is just one in an avalanche of the political left’s efforts to marginalize women and change the public perception of what it actually means to be one.

Oddly enough though, the Biden administration’s budget for the 2022 fiscal year has the word “mother” replaced in a similar fashion.

Yet, they kept the term “maternal,” almost as if it isn’t directly related to one’s identity as a mother.

AOC pushes absurd liberal agenda

A similar thing happened last month.

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer referred to women as “menstruating persons” when giving a speech on women’s rights right after the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision.

What’s more, some liberals decided to turn the whole matter into a racism issue, abusing the fact that New York City’s Department of Health’s chief medical officer mistakenly used two different terms when referring to white people and people of color.

New York’s DOH spokesperson quickly stepped in though, arguing the word “mother” should not have been used in any context at all, apologizing for accidentally gendering any people of color present at the conference.

As expected, AOC also weighed in on the matter, defending her usage of this newly coined term “birthing person” by claiming the right-leaning crowd is against it solely due to their “patriarchal” narrative that marginalizes women.

It is clear that this absurd agenda reaches far deeper than just a few liberals trying to pander to the LGBTQ community.

Currently, dozens of government officials are employing these changes to their vocabulary, almost as if biological women aren’t the majority.

Despite all of this though, data on how many transgender men give birth in the US is still unavailable. Whereas, in Australia, only 22 of a grand total of 35,000 childbirths in the country were associated with transgender individuals.


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