Look: Liberals Break into Arizona State Senate


Legislators in Arizona stated they would examine videos from the pro-abortion demonstration and attempted break-in on June 24 to determine who was responsible.

Leo Biasiucci, the Republican Majority Whip in the Arizona House, remarked, “We are a state that values law and order.”

Yet, They Complain About Jan. 6

“I’m hoping given the evidence from that evening, those who attempted to break into the government will face the same accusations as those who did so on January 6, 2021 in the country’s capital.”

According to Biasiucci, the Senate will probably call a hearing to find out who was responsible for the violent protests when nothing was done by law enforcement authorities.

High-Risk Scenario Security Barrier

An initiative to install a continuous security barrier surrounding Arizona’s Capitol Complex for high-risk circumstances, like the Black Lives Matter riots in 2020, was promoted by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann about four years ago.

The director of communications for Arizona Republican senators, Kim Quintero, stated the initiative “went by the wayside.”

Fann intends to review the idea in the upcoming months. This will take place along with other state legislators and the governor’s office, according to Quintero.

She said Fann got multiple requests from senators asking him to look into the June 24 “intended revolt.”

The Epoch Times was informed by Quintero, “there are many security cameras on the grounds that acquired a lot of videos that evening, as well as mobile phone footage.”

The “Lawless Riot”

State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) called the June 24 tried incursion by “anti-lifers” a “lawless mob.”

Officers of the Arizona Department of Public Safety ended up having to deploy tear gas to scatter the throng.

“We were instructed to gather on the floor.” According to Rogers, there was a threat of a real breach at the Senate building during the angry protests.

“We were instructed to maintain our composure and head to the tunnel to cross across to the House. The atmosphere was quite professional and serene as we were working on that.”

“After returning upstairs, it was determined that we would spend the rest of the evening in a Senate council chamber because the chamber still had traces of tear gas in it. This wound up making it more difficult for some of us to do operations.”

According to Rogers, the video shows many demonstrators battering the Senate building’s far-western entrance with their entire bodies.

She said that the anti-lifers “were just threateningly attempting to break in.”

According to Rogers, it’s possible the protesters were unaware that numerous Arizona House and Senate lawmakers carry concealed weapons on their person.

“At the Senate, we prevail. At the House, we transport. A member carries. It has been a historical norm for a very, very long time.”


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