Maryland Governor Warns GOP Getting Tired of Trump


The Republican Party has multiple promising elections coming up that could change quite a bit.

The November midterm races, for instance, are highly expected to swing in the favor of GOP candidates.

This is owing to a number of factors, with the strongest one being how poorly Democrats have done since retaining a complete monopoly over the federal government.

Then, there’s the upcoming 2024 presidential election. This, too, could go to the GOP, especially if Republicans do well in the midterms this year.

Thus far, there’s been quite a bit of talk regarding whether or not former President Trump will be the GOP nominee during the next presidential election. However, one Republican governor believes the party is actually slowly washing its hand of Trump, per The Hill.

The Maryland Gov. on Trump and the Republican Party

GOP Gov. Larry Hogan didn’t hold back his candid thoughts about the former president while speaking with NBC News.

The Maryland governor explained the pull that Trump holds over the GOP is starting to weaken, with more Republicans making moves to put space between themselves and him.

Hogan then followed up by pointing out that as a Republican who’s not so big on Trump, he felt as though he was in no man’s land. Although, now, the GOP governor believes there are more Republicans like him who share anti-Trump sentiments.

Later, Hogan told NBC News that Trump’s loss of control over the GOP isn’t happening as quickly as it ought to be; though, the process is still playing out nevertheless.

Finally, Hogan expressed his personal opinion that Trump should sit out the 2024 presidential election.

A Sign of the Times

Hogan believes one clear sign of Trump losing power over Republicans is the endorsements he’s made for people to challenge certain conservatives, only for these endorsements not to lead to victory for the Trump-favored candidates.

For instance, in Georgia, Trump backed former Republican Sen. David Perdue who challenged Gov. Brian Kemp in the primary election. Despite having Trump against him, Kemp still managed to win many times more votes than Perdue.

In South Carolina, as well, the former president backed a challenger against GOP Rep. Nancy Mace, who nevertheless ended up prevailing in her primary race as well.

At this time, speculation within the Republican Party exists concerning whether Trump can or should make a run for the White House again. Hogan is also viewed as a possible candidate in the GOP 2024 primary race.

What do you think about the Maryland governor’s take on Trump running for office? Do you believe the former president is slowly losing power over the Republican Party? Please be sure to let us know this in the comments area down below.


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