New Crime Known as “Jugging” on the Rise in America


Crime has been on the rise for quite some time in America.

Unfortunately, policies that cut bail for dangerous offenders and let criminals out of prison prematurely, while also defunding the police, led to a tidal wave of lawlessness.

Some communities have taken measures to get crime under control. However, it’s going to take time to completely reseal Pandora’s box.

In the meantime, it’s in everyone’s best interests to always be careful and be aware of their surroundings. That’s especially true in light of a new crime happening known as “jugging.”

Jugging happens after someone is followed once they’ve made an ATM transaction, as documented by Fox News.

The Rise of Jugging in the United States

The police department of Austin, Texas is putting out a clear warning about jugging in America.

Jugging occurs once a person has left an ATM and has money on their person. From this point, the person is threatened by the criminal(s) and told to hand over the money they recently retrieved from the ATM.

According to the Austin Police Department, people can reduce their likelihood of falling victim to jugging by taking some precautionary measures when using ATMs.

These measures include securing cash in bags or purses, making sure they’re not distracted at financial institutions, keeping their vehicle doors locked, or even driving to police stations if they suspect they’re being tailed.

In some jugging incidents, there have been groups of people carrying out robberies of folks who leave ATMs.

A Greater Need For Law Enforcement

With inflation on the rise and money getting tight for a lot of people, there will be greater incentives for criminals to try various financial crimes.

This is all the more reason for a greater law enforcement presence across communities. At the end of the day, Americans shouldn’t have to look over their shoulders or feel unsafe at ATMs.

On top of jugging incidents, there’s also been a rise of people having gas stolen directly from their vehicles. It’s no coincidence that this particular crime coincides with the rise of gas prices across the country.

More and more people are waking up to the reality that having law enforcement goes hand in hand with crime prevention.

When criminals know that communities are free of police, they are much more incentivized to carry out offenses and feel emboldened to get away with it.

Time will tell whether or not reports of jugging continue to rise across the country.

What do you think about the Austin Police Department’s reports of jugging? Do you believe the answer to this crime is to have more police officers across communities nationwide? Don’t hold back your thoughts on this in the comments area below.


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