NY Continues Its Liberal Policy Streak, This Time Tightening Gun Control Laws

"Gun" by aylamillerntor

This Friday marks a radical change in New York’s gun control legislation.

The state’s Governor Kathy Hochul signed a bill that will prohibit civilians from carrying firearms in “sensitive locations,” those being Times Square and churches.

What’s more, the new legislation feels more like a clap back at the Supreme Court considering that it’s been less than a week since a 100-year-old restriction regarding concealed carry in the state was struck down.

“Governor Hochul Honors MTA Heroes” by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York

Expect New York’s crime rate to shoot up

In fact, New York state’s officials nearly confirmed it in their latest press release, commenting the Senate majority is taking action precisely to counter any possible negative side effects of the ruling.

Hochul’s legislation will be applied to areas such as Times Square, bars, restaurants, public transport, and public parks, as well as any private property where the owner hasn’t given permission to enter with a firearm.

In response to the needlessly strict gun control law, New York’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin accused Hochul of purposely targeting law-abiding, hardworking New Yorkers with her legislation.

He added the action in Albany isn’t going to make a lot of progress toward lowering crime rates. In fact, Zeldin claimed it will have the opposite effect, as civilians looking to protect themselves will find themselves in a much worse position than before.

A plan set to backfire

These new restrictions are riding on a wave of Democrat-pushed legislation regarding gun control, one of which even required would-be gun owners to provide their social media accounts when applying for a firearm permit in the state.

Many Republicans believe this to be a direct attack on every American’s 2nd Amendment rights, an idea which was solidified by Hochul claiming the legislation is the embodiment of what it meant to be an American, right before signing it.

New York’s Republican Party chairman slammed the governor, calling her an embarrassment to this nation; they said her bill is nothing more than a political charade to make New York even less safe.

In fact, it’s already been proven time and time again that tightening gun control backfires horribly. Crime rates spike to unprecedented heights wherever such legislation is passed; this applies anywhere else in the world, not just in the US.

Only last month, we saw Canada go haywire when Prime Minister Trudeau announced a full ban on pistol sales and imports.

This prompted the biggest pistol buyout the country has ever seen, with firearms practically flying off the shelves in a matter of hours.

If anything, legislation should be pushed in the opposite direction. Laws should allow easier access to firearms for lawful Americans in times like these when even the police have a significant portion of their power taken away from them.


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