Right-wing Immigration Group FAIR Banned From Using Slack


With the rise of remote work, Slack is utilized more than ever.

Slack, put simply, is a communications app that allows groups, teams, and company members to keep in touch with one another. It especially comes in handy for employees or freelancers who work from home, rather than in the office.

Many people have found Slack to come in handy. However, the company is coming under fire for its expulsion of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR).

FAIR has been booted off of Slack’s service; the reasoning, however, isn’t flying with many conservatives, as documented by The Blaze.

Understanding the Conflict Between Slack and FAIR

FAIR advocates for more controlled immigration, the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws, and a stronger America, in general.

The conservative organization has also drawn attention to fentanyl coming across the southern border and other perils that stem from illegal immigration into the United States.

However, somewhere along the way, Slack determined that FAIR breached its policies and terms of service. In a statement, Slack declared that investigations begin once the company learns of its rules being violated.

As such, Slack specifically expressed that it has no tolerance for “hate groups” on its platform. According to the communications service, FAIR is associated with a “known hate group,” hence prompting it to be removed altogether.

Pushback Against Slack’s Choice

FAIR said Slack’s removal of its service boils down to nothing more than censorship against conservatives. This viewpoint has also been echoed by others on the right.

Put simply, many people don’t buy the company’s explanation that affiliation with a hate group is what led to FAIR’s ban from using Slack. On social media, some folks have indicated they’ll no longer use Slack as a form of protest against what happened to FAIR.

The Slack vs. FAIR debacle comes amid ongoing debates about how conservatives are treated on social media. For years, tech companies have been accused of letting left-wing users say and do virtually anything with impunity.

Meanwhile, the same privileges are not at all afforded to conservatives, who are known to hold views that differ greatly from Silicon Valley.

At this time, it’s safe to assume that FAIR’s ban from using Slack is permanent. There is nothing in the communication platform’s public statement to show that it has any intention of allowing FAIR back on the platform.

All things considered, it remains to be seen where FAIR ends up going for alternative services in lieu of Slack.

What do you think about Slack cutting the cord on FAIR? Do you believe this is about a hate group or about another conservative organization getting unfairly censored by Big Tech?

Readers are welcome to convey their opinions in the comments area below.


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