The Left: Math is Racist!

"Math" by Jeremy Mikkola

Minnesota officials have finally cracked the code.

It reads that standard mathematics, as the world knows it, is racist in nature; at least that’s the first impression anyone would get from their latest K-12 guideline updates to Academics Standards in Mathematics.

Namely, the state’s Department of Education believes within the sphere of arithmetic education, learning about numbers and variables just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Considering that inclusion and equity is all the rage recently, why not shove indigenous pride down everyone’s throats?

“Math” by Anthony Albright

Woke army determines math is racist

The Math Standards Review Committee decided, after reviewing the 2007 K-12 guidelines, that Minnesota’s American Indian Tribe’s contributions need to be included in academic standards.

Also, if that wasn’t enough, why not add some multiculturalism to the mix? Minnesota’s DOA stated the obvious by assuring that math as a concept is part of our everyday lives and has roots in almost all cultures throughout history.

While it’s great that schools are finally working towards adapting the curriculum to create citizenship-ready students, albeit, in the worst way possible, the entire narrative is nothing more than liberal propaganda peddled under the guise of “mathematics.”

This is further indicated by the fact that the DOA called for changes that would force students into “collaborating with different cultural perspectives.”

These changes would furthermore connect math identities to living ones, almost as if it wasn’t an exact science where 2 always equals 2.

The left’s absurd educational reforms

Unfortunately, reasoning with the left has proven to be quite the herculean task over the years.

Considering they are unable to grasp a concept as simple as there being two genders, it’s obvious all reason has long since been thrown out the window.

With this in mind, it’s hard to take the woke left’s propositions seriously, especially when they’re endorsing American Indians through concepts like proportional reasoning and measurement.

This includes, but isn’t limited to, the various techniques the Dakota and Anishinaabe communities have used historically, focusing on the dozens of tools and units these indigenous communities used for “scientific analysis.”

What once was an establishment that pumped out academically substantiated individuals, has now become a propaganda tool for the left, creating brainwashed generation after generation without the ability of original thought.

Also, given what has been trending in the past couple of years, there’s nothing more important than race.

That’s even if it comes at the cost of fusing two completely unrelated concepts like mathematics and honoring the indigenous people that once inhabited the land.

By the time the woke crowd is done with reforming math, addition and subtraction will have become long forgotten concepts; given the left’s ultimate goals, all we’ll have remaining will be division.


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