Tim Allen Kicked Out of ‘Lightyear’ Because Hollywood Purges Republicans


Veteran Hollywood actor Tim Allen has been kicked out of “Lightyear,” a Toy Story spinoff, because he doesn’t hide the fact he is a Republican and a conservative.

Therefore, he was ruthlessly purged by the overwhelmingly woke, Marxist, and Democratic filmmaking industry, commentators have revealed.

‘Openly’ Republican?! No More Hollywood Roles For Ya!

Tim Allen voiced the character of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story movies, a franchise that began back in the 1990s.

Come 2022 and Hollywood is openly persecuting those few of its actors who dare to defy the Marxist-Communist worldview that its films are now spreading.

Thus, Allen has been mercilessly removed from “Lightyear.” His well-known character was voiced by an obedient pro-woke alternative, Chris Evans.

Of course, it is a whole other story as to whether Allen would have wanted to be part of “Lightyear” anyway. The film, which targets a young audience, heavily pushes transgenderism and gender ideology propaganda.

It features a lesbian love relationship and a lesbian kiss for no reason whatsoever.

The overwhelming LGBT propaganda in the film already caused it to perform substantially worse at the box office. This is yet another replay of the “go woke, get broke” rule.

Hollywood’s Woke ‘Castrated Iconic Character’

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Sean Duffy, who is a former GOP congressman, and his wife, Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy, revealed Tim Allen got booted from Lightyear because is “openly” Republican.

Lightyear executives have deceitfully argued they removed Allen not because he is a Republican, but because the spinoff is very different from the Buzz Lightyear toy character in the Toy Story franchise.

Sean Duffy fumed that by changing the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the new spinoff film, the producers are robbing children of the chance to hear the voice of their favorite toy also featured in the film.

The ex-GOP congressman argued, “this is dumb.” He said filmmakers are pushing different film explanations simply in order to cover up the fact “they are canceling Tim Allen.”

Duffy’s wife, Campos-Duffy, emphasized, “nobody believes Disney anyway.” They recalled that last month, another “openly” conservative actor, Patricia Heaton, also blasted the woke corporation for cracking down on Tim Allen.

Heaton noted that Disney and Pixar committed a “huge mistake by not casting” Allen, accusing them of “castrating” an “iconic beloved character.”

Galyn Susman, the producer of Lightyear, keeps insisting Buzz Lightyear in the new movie is just different from the character in Toy Story and the spinoff is “separate from the toy.”

Susman went so far as to proclaim that they weren’t “making a Toy Story” film. This is why “first and foremost,” they had to have a “different person playing Lightyear” – certainly one who is not Republican and/or one who at least pretends to be woke.


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