Very Few Americans Want Biden to Seek Re-election


According to Joe Biden and his White House, he is running for president again when the time comes. During a new interview with CNN, Vice President Kamala Harris stated that Biden is running in 2024 “full stop” and she’ll be by his side as his running mate again.

The Biden administration is routinely criticized for its apparent disconnect from what everyday people are dealing with in this country.

For instance, the president recently said that gas prices will be high “as long as it takes” for Russia to be defeated and incapable of taking Ukraine.

Around this same time, a White House adviser let slip the administration’s focus on a “liberal world order.”

Amid all this chaos both in the White House and in America, more than seven in ten people agree that Biden has no business seeking a second term, per Newsmax.

A Strong Rebuke From the American Public

July started off with the release of a brand new poll from CAPS-Harris. This poll shows the notion of Biden running for a second term is widely unpopular and opposed across the country.

The findings are brutal for Biden. 71% of Americans have opined he should not seek a second term. An even more severe blow comes with the revelation that only 30% of Democratic voters would support Biden in a 2024 primary election.

CAPS-Harris also tracks how Americans rank Biden on specific policy issues. The numbers are not good at all.

Only 28% of the country approves of how the current president is managing inflation. On the overall economy, Biden’s support rating shakes out to just 32%. Concerning job stimulation, only 43% of Americans approve.

Previous polls have logged the president as under the 50% approval marker in 48 states across the nation.

No Worries From the President?

Despite Biden’s drastically low approval ratings, there doesn’t seem to be any initiative on his end to make changes.

Mere days ago, Biden went overseas for a NATO press conference and shrugged off the current gas prices Americans are forced to pay.

When a New York Times reporter questioned Biden on how long US citizens should reasonably have to spend big bucks on gas, Biden said “for as long as [defeating Russia in Ukraine] takes.”

This response was widely panned by Americans who are taking hits from not just soaring gas costs, but also increasing interest rates and growing inflation.

It is unclear how or why Biden believes he could successfully run for president again, given what his term has entailed less than two years in.

Do you agree with the 71% of Americans who do not want Joe Biden to run for president again in 2024? In the comments area below, let us know your views on the Biden presidency thus far.


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