Woke Baristas Shut Down Their Own Coffee Shop

"Vérité Coffee / Cupcake Royale, Ballard" by Nam-Ho Park

As liberals slowly crept into every corner of America, many businesses were forced to adopt an avalanche of “woke” policies in order to stay on their best behavior and not anger the torch, pitchfork-bearing mob.

However, almost all of them learn the hard way that when it comes to pleasing liberals, there’s no correct answer. No matter how hard you try, you’ll eventually run into one of their traps.

“Recklessly Optimistic” by Aaron Poffenberger

No pleasing the left

This is exactly what happened to a small coffee shop in Philadelphia. They were forced to shut down operations when an entire group of “woke” employees decided to rebel against their employer.

Small businesses failing to stay afloat isn’t exactly news, though.

In the past year and a half since Biden’s been in office, it’s become commonplace really, but what separates this incident from the rest is the unmatched speed of this cafe’s downfall.

Much like every disaster story, Mina’s World started off on the right foot, receiving high-scoring reviews on sites like Yelp and an entire article on Bon Appetit praising the coffee shop.

They stated the cafe was about more than just the drinks and the atmosphere.

They were impressed by Mina’s dedication to employing black and brown employees in managerial positions, while also buying their coffee beans from ethical sourcing suppliers.

The author then praised the coffee shop for its commitment to leftist agendas, claiming it to be a cut above the rest in Philadelphia.

Ridiculous demands from the workers

It’s exactly at the point where the outlet uses “ethnic workers” to define a coffee shop’s quality that anyone with common sense just bails and moves on with their life.

The story is obviously taking a turn for the worse from that point onward.

What’s more, Starbucks can be found on every corner in Philadelphia.

Given the fact they’re considered THE woke business, there are clearly dozens of other places where liberals can get their non-whitewashed coffee, so why keep pushing Mina’s World like this?

Well, according to the workers at the cafe, Parikh’s article on Bon Appetit was dead wrong. They all revolted against the owners for their abuse of power, anti-blackness, and exploitation.

These are the very things the cafe originally lacked, compared to others in Philly, at least according to “woke” news outlets.

Naturally, the cafe’s willingness to employ black and brown individuals was later considered to be tokenization, showing the left will turn just about anything on its head if it can get them the social media attention they crave.

If public slander like this wasn’t enough, the workers went as far as demanding they be paid for damages caused to them by an “unsafe” work environment.

At this point, Mina’s original apology video had been removed from all of their social media accounts; although accounts like Libs of TikTok were clever enough to save and repost them.


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