American Veterans Taken Prisoner in Ukraine


Breaking news out of Ukraine has several Alabama families worried about the fate of their loved ones.

Veterans Alex Drueke and Andy Huynh have been taken as prisoners of war while fighting in Ukraine. They have been seen on Russian TV, giving statements.

The two individuals disappeared from Ukraine in early June and appeared on Russian TV on June 17.

Biden Responds Shamefully

In a message to his family back in Tuscaloosa, Drueke said he’s “alive” and hopes they will look after his dog Diesel while he’s away.

He also gave a secret signal to let his family know he was really OK, which they worked out when he first deployed to Iraq in the case of such a situation.

The question remains, however: what is being done to rescue these brave Americans and secure their release?

Biden said he doesn’t know where they are and has no idea of their whereabouts. However, he scolded the two men for going to Ukraine, saying he wants to be “very clear” that no American should be going to Ukraine at this time.

What is it with Biden and not knowing where Americans are in foreign warzones? Didn’t he abandon enough people already in Afghanistan?

This president’s lack of support for American veterans is shameful. He can warn Americans not to go to Ukraine, while still expressing at least some support for Drueke and Huynh, but instead, he needs to act indifferent to their fate?

It’s sickening.

How Did They Get Captured?

According to Russian media, Huynh and Drueke got captured by pro-Russian separatist forces in the east. It happened after they were distanced from their own fighting unit and approached a pro-Russian patrol.

Immediately realizing their error, Huynh and Drueke put their hands up and gave up. They were taken by the separatists and are apparently still being held by them.

These are brave men, the best our country has to offer. Drueke is a US Army vet who was deployed on two tours in Iraq, while Huynh is a US Marine Corps veteran.

Drueke first went to Ukraine to assist in the combat against Russia’s invasion and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine’s Donbas. The US says any US citizen captured in Ukraine should get formal POW protection, but legally, that status is very unclear.

Russia says any foreign fighters taken as POWs on the battlefield are mercenaries with zero rights under Geneva or any other human rights conventions.

A quick look at history can show you that Russia has never been a nation that is very interested in ideas like “human rights.”

Anything could happen to these men. Biden and his crew of fools should be much more concerned and angry about what is going on right now, instead of shrugging it off.


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