AOC Happy to Snatch Security From Supreme Court Judges


Radical left lawmaker AOC bragged about her own effort to block the Supreme Court judges’ protection bill, after the attempted murder of conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She posted a video on her Instagram story, claiming she ran to Congress to stop the unanimous passing of the Supreme Court justices’ security bill.

AOC Celebrated Attempt to Not Protect Supreme Court Judges

AOC claimed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was trying to pass the legislation on the “fly-out day” when all lawmakers were supposed to go to their home states to spend their weekends.

In her video, she indicated she listened to the news of Republicans’ attempt to pass the bill right after she woke up in the morning, which prompted her to go to Congress in a rush.

The liberal lawmaker further suggested she would continue to block the unanimous consent of the bill until Senate Republicans help Democrats pass a gun control regulation.

While defending her support of the gun regulations bill, AOC noted Congress always tries to pass a bill that is supposed to protect government officials, but not bills that can protect “everyday people.” 

As Republican lawmakers tried to pass the bill unanimously, many other House Democrats also opposed the effort, as they believe security of Supreme Court clerks is equally important and should be increased as well.

McCarthy asked Democrats how many threats these Supreme Court justices have to face in the line of duty.

The minority leader also recalled the horrific episode of the possible assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, noting the consequences of the event would have been severe, had the potential murderer would not informed 911 through a phone call.

House Democrats Go Against Their Fellow Senators

By addressing House Democrats, McCarthy asserted liberal lawmakers were still hesitant to pass the bill, despite knowing the potential criminal had many other dangerous gadgets with him, apart from guns.

This bill should be placed on Biden’s desk immediately, McCarthy added. 

Such a radical approach of House Democrats goes against the narrative of Senate Democrats. They agreed to pass the bill from the upper chamber unanimously, even before the murder attempt on the conservative justice.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was equally enraged over Republicans’ attempt to pass the bill unanimously.

When a reporter asked her about Democrats’ resistance to the bill, she asserted all “justices are protected.” She also added no judge is in danger over the course of the weekend.

Amid the failure of the bill’s passage with unanimous consent, it will come to a vote on the floor of the House next week.

As Democrats control the House, they are likely to block the bill until conservative lawmakers agree to increase the security of Supreme Court clerks as well.

Progressive lawmakers, including AOC, will not be able to do much in that case; passing the gun regulation before the security bill is not a mainstream Democratic demand.


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