AOC Triggers Hatred Against Supreme Court Justices


Far-left firebrand AOC defended the public harassment of conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

She was even shocked at people who were criticizing the event, which once again sparked concerns about the safety of justices after the abortion verdict.

AOC Disgracefully Defended Kavanaugh’s Harassment

As Politico reported, Justice Kavanaugh was harassed in a D.C. hotel and forced to flee the restaurant from the back door by abandoning his desert. AOC defended the whole episode like many other liberal commentators.

According to the congresswoman, the justice only left the restaurant because he decided to put the lives of “half the country” at stake by disallowing “ectopic pregnancy” to girls based within the “wrong state lines.”

The radical lawmaker sarcastically added the justice should have been allowed to eat his cake before leaving. She also established Republicans “send people” to protests against her.

Now, they are denouncing the same sort of attacks on the Supreme Court justice.

Previously, Ocasio-Cortez bragged about blocking the unanimous passing of a bill from the House, which was supposed to increase the security of Supreme Court justices.

The need for the bill arose in the wake of the Supreme Court documents leak, which apparently revealed the verdict before the actual decision date. 

Eventually, some radical elements ended up defending even the possible assassination attempt on Kavanaugh’s life, who sided with five other conservative justices in restricting abortion.

AOC Setting Dangerous Rules 

Meanwhile, conservative commentators and Twitter users scolded AOC for her controversial remarks regarding the disturbing event.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire noted that being a public official, AOC once demanded sympathy after the January 6 riots when she claimed she was threatened in her office, even though she was not present in Congress during the whole incident.

Likewise, conservative radio host, Dana Loesch, stated AOC’s claim of banning “ectopic pregnancy” was disinformation. Loesch asserted AOC could do “much better” without spreading this kind of fake news.

Another pro-life author, Alexandra DeSanctis Marr, commented along the same lines.

This time, she reminded AOC that absolutely no law in the country bans the treatment of ectopic pregnancies. She added that all the existing laws are present in the red states just to save the lives of unborn children. 

A conservative activist Ned Ryun then warned AOC not to defend such public harassment, asking her to set the rules of the game carefully, as they can backfire on her or other Democrats at some point in time.

Tom Fitton, the president of a conservative activist group, Judicial Watch, stated the radical Democratic lawmaker and a Marxist politician want to defend the intimidation of the Supreme Court judge simply because he empowered the states to make their own abortion laws.


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