Army General Schools Jill Biden on What ‘Woman’ is, Gets Repressed

(US Army handout photo)

A retired general from the US Army gave First Lady Jill Biden human biology and anti-hypocrisy lessons.

Now, he’s been repressed for this, showing a true testament to the Biden-led federal government’s radical nature.

Big Gender Ideology Hypocrisy

Three-star Gen. Gary Volesky managed to accomplish all of that with a simple tweet replying to Jill Biden’s bemoaning of the recent anti-abortion ruling of the US Supreme Court.

Democrats have been refusing to define the term “woman” – never mind that every decent-minded human being is aware of what a woman and a man are, and why they exist.

At the same time, however, when the US Supreme Court voted 6-3 to overturn Roe v. Wade, the Democrats started crying bloody murder about the rights of “women,”

These are the same kind of women that Democrats had practically refused to admit exist, turning them into “birthing people,” “menstruating individuals,” and all kinds of other abominations.

Jill Biden, Sleepy Joe’s first lady, who also moonlights as his caretaker-in-chief, has been a primary example of the propaganda hypocrisy of the far left with respect to abortion.

Whenever abortion is the issue at hand, they cry foul over the rights of women, but in any other case, they are against womanhood and all about “trans women.”

Jill Has Her Transgenderist *** Handed to Her

Thus, in reaction to the new SCOTUS ruling on abortion, Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Jill Biden wrote on Twitter that for 50 years, “women have had the right” to abortion.

She then went on to parrot the communist talking point about unborn children being anatomical organs of the female body.

Then, she complained that the “right” in question “was stolen from us” – so “we won’t be silent” and will defend “progress.”

That is what retired US Army Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky was reacting to. In a single sentence, he destroyed Sleepy Joe’s first lady and the entire woke, Marxist-Communist hypocrisy.

Responding to Jill Biden’s tweet, Volesky wrote he was glad that she “finally” seemed to have learned “what a woman is.”

Enter the totalitarian Marxist repression by the Biden administration. As it turns out, even though he is not on active duty, the retired three-star general has been suspended from a mentoring job.

This is a job that pays $92 per hour, The Daily Mail reported.

Volesky’s tweet is presently under internal investigation by the US Army, presumably for ridiculing the First Lady of the United States – never mind that her transgenderist, Marxist stance is highly hypocritical and makes no sense.

The tweet has been deleted in a shocking demonstration that the United States of America, the cradle of democracy, now has the same kind of censorship as communist China or the former Communist Soviet Union.


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