Biden Considers Reelection During Nantucket Getaway


President Joe Biden and his family have been debating whether he’ll run for reelection in 2024 over their Thanksgiving break in Nantucket.

The Bidens were staying at a property owned by Carlyle Group Inc. founder and Bloomberg member David Rubenstein in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Is Biden Closer to Making a Final Decision?

Biden said the weekend was merely a holiday party, but the president and his closest living relatives are likely to discuss a re-election attempt there and during Christmas, sources say.

The president and the first lady Jill Biden landed in Nantucket on Tuesday, where they’ve spent Thanksgiving since Biden was vice president. Biden’s daughter Ashley and son Hunter, who might be investigated by the GOP in the next two years, joined them.

Biden’s Democratic Party had a remarkable midterm election. His advisers anticipate him to run again, and his camp treats a final declaration as a formality. The president claims his family will have a big voice in the choice, which is due next year.

Former Jill Biden assistant Michael LaRosa says it’s doubtful they won’t back him. “He runs. Who else should run besides him? He’s a good campaigner and executive.”

Ignoring the Questions (As Usual)

Biden ignored loud questions about 2024 on Friday and Saturday.

“We’re celebrating,” he told reporters while shopping on Nantucket’s Main Street.

Biden has declared he plans to run, citing only his family or a health catastrophe as deterrents. The holiday offers him time to think outside of Washington.

Biden has said he believes in “fate” and will try for POTUS “again,” but it’s still not completely clear. Biden stated last month that a decision might come “early next year.”

The Biden Playground

The Bidens are Nantucket regulars. The area leans Democratic, like New England, where the party swept midterm elections. The island has GOP pockets. Walker, Vance, and Oz all fundraised there.

In Nantucket, protestors and Trump fans who typically harass Biden are awol. People waited up at eateries to dine near him and compared photographs after he passed by.

Jill Biden drew crowds as she shopped alone Friday morning. One lady yelled, “We love you.”

Bystanders screamed “we adore you” and “no red wave, no red wave,” as the president and first lady traveled through town after lunch.

Biden’s age is a concern even among friends. He’s the first elderly to occupy the White House. A shopper wished him a happy birthday.

The Oldest POTUS Ever?

He’d be 82 in 2024 and 86 after a second term.

Polls reveal many Democrats desire younger leaders.

Wendy Beardsley, 67, a Biden fan, said Friday in Nantucket while Jill Biden shopped. She acknowledged the president’s public gaffes.

She stated that sometimes she doesn’t watch him because she’s scared his blunders and slip ups would be embarrassing.

She said he’s achieved a lot and she’s delighted with him compared to others, including former President Donald Trump, who’s running again. She’d “absolutely” back Biden over Trump.

The White House didn’t comment. A Biden aide argued his age was overstated in 2020 and today.

Biden routinely discusses his 2020 run with Jill Biden, his children, and grandkids.

Biden recalled this during a Nov. 1 campaign appearance that he hadn’t run to avoid the “ugly” race.

The president claimed his grandson showed him a poster painting Biden as a sexual predator, recognizing it would be terrible for the family if he ran.

He opted to run when asked. Because according to him, his family knew what was coming; they weren’t surprised.

Biden’s family faces more trouble. House Republicans aim to investigate Hunter Biden’s financial links next year, saying they might jeopardize the president.

Biden dismissed the danger. “The American people will see through it.” He stated earlier this month, “It’s almost comical.”

The investigations will undoubtedly resurface the family’s affairs and issues including Hunter Biden’s addiction. Biden wants to ensure that his family is ready for another run since it will be more damaging than 2020.

Aides suggest the first lady influences Biden’s choice.

Jill Biden feels his leadership is “essential,” the president told MSNBC last month.