Biden Denies High Gas Prices Are a Problem


President Joe Biden stated during talks on Thursday that it was reasonable for Americans to anticipate having to pay record rising gas prices “as long as it takes” for Russia to be beaten in Ukraine.

He is Out of Touch

While in Spain for a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meeting, Biden made the comments to journalists during a brief question-and-answer period.

A reporter claimed “the battle raised prices. Some analysts believe they might rise as high as $200 a barrel.”

The reporter questioned, “How long is it proper to expect American drivers and drivers over the world to bear that price for this war?”

“As long as necessary, so Russia cannot actually defeat Kiev and expand its influence beyond Ukraine,” Biden retorted.

“This is a crucial situation for the entire world. Why is NATO necessary? I assured Putin if he took any action, we would reinforce NATO. We would work to make NATO stronger overall.”

In a Thursday evening interview with CNN, Brian Deese, general manager of the White House’s Economic Council, told Americans to realize even if they couldn’t afford it, it was necessary for “the long term of the liberal world order.”

During an appearance on CNN’s “Newsroom” with co-host Victor Blackwell, Deese delivered the tone-deaf comments after Blackwell mentioned that U.S. officials have suggested the conflict in Ukraine may take years.

“This conflict may last for years, according to the military analyst and the Director of National Intelligence. I believe everyone is aware of the reasons why this is taking place,” Blackwell stated.

“Though is it resilient?” Whitewell enquired. “What do you tell the families who claim that they cannot afford to cover $4.85 per gallon for several months or perhaps years?”

The Media is Lost

Deese answered, “I think what you heard from the president was a clear explanation of the stakes. We must maintain our resolve since this issue concerns the survival of the liberal world order.”

“However, I would also remind my family and all Americans in general that the current administration is doing everything it can to tamp down those price rises and bring down overall costs.”

Long ahead of when Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine, gas prices had already been spiraling out of control under the Biden administration.

The United States will “stay with Ukraine to ensure they are not vanquished by Russia,” according to President Joe Biden’s statement on Thursday.

At a news conference at the NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain, Biden failed to set any real restrictions on American support for Ukraine.

Since Russia’s incursion on February 24, the U.S. has donated over $6.1 billion to Ukraine, and the president announced that soon, an extra $800 million in financial help will be supplied.


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