Biden Has a Witch’s HEX CURSE on Him?


The midterms are mostly over, but some races are still being counted.

The results are basically split down the middle, with the Senate majority still in question and depending on various races including a runoff in Georgia between Herschel Walker and incumbent Raphael Warnock.

The red wave that the GOP was hoping for didn’t come. But the Democrats also fell far short of gaining power or doing anything positive and this was definitely a defensive election for them to keep what districts and seats they could.

One of the tools the Democrats used was the President himself, Joe Biden.

But Biden has a bit of a problem when it comes to politics…

Biden Drives Down Electability

New poll numbers show that Biden’s efforts to help candidates win election and reelection actually made voters less likely to cast a ballot in that candidate’s favor.

In other words, the Biden touch turns a decent candidate into spoiled goods. It sometimes seems like Biden has a witch’s hex curse on him. Whatever he touches turns rotten.

He came in with big promises to occupy the oval office, but however he managed to get himself in there, voters reactions to him are clear: they don’t trust him and many of them don’t really like him.

The numbers? This poll from Rasmussen indicated that 46% of voters would be “less likely” to cast a ballot for someone if that someone was supported by Biden. Around 24% said they wouldn’t care much either way and 28% said a Biden endorsement would prompt their support.

These are bad numbers: 70% of voters say that Biden backing a candidate will make them not support that candidate or they won’t care that he’s backing them in the first place.

This means a Biden endorsement sinks candidates or generally does nothing to help them. Ouch.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The Democrats managed to hold on to seats and stop a lot of the red wave, but it wasn’t thanks to Biden.

Everywhere he tried to move the needle he failed, including in Florida where Marco Rubio easily retook his Senate seat and Ron DeSantis blasted opponent Charlie Crist out of the water.

Biden’s support of Rubio opponent Val Demings probably hurt her if anything, and his attempts to sleepwalk Crist across the finish line resulted in a massive loss for Crist.

It looks more and more like where Biden goes, defeat follows.

That brings us to a bit of a problem, because Biden is currently in the White House. And as we can all see, America is losing.

We don’t want the Biden hex curse on America. We want the freedom to grow, be safe and recover the American spirit. Biden’s touch is soiling the nation.