Biden is Now the Biggest National Security Threat Against America


President Biden’s frequent gaffes are turning out to be a serious problem for the country.

Even liberal strategists now claim these worrying habits of the president are disturbing America’s standing at the international level.

Biden’s Frequent Gaffes Pushed America into Trouble

Former foreign service officer Brett Bruen, who worked in important positions during the Obama administration, claimed he “cringed” whenever then-Vice President Biden used to deliver a speech in Obama’s tenure.

According to Bruen, the government used to do a lot of preparation for every event, but Biden was so unpredictable in his speeches that nobody ever knew what he could end up saying.

Likewise, Bruen asserted Biden’s candid comments used to spice up the things in otherwise boring media appearances.

However, the major problem was his frequent remarks which pushed the administration into “dangerous terrain,” Bruen added.

The Obama administration official asserted these habits of Biden are evident in his current tenure, as well.

Bruen noted that Biden’s gaffes regarding the “inevitability” of the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the regime change in Russia embarrassed the country worldwide. 

Biden’s National Security Team Also Responsible for the Current Mess

Although Biden has to be blamed for most of the mess during his speeches, Bruen also added the national security team of the president is equally responsible for his mess.

His team does not guide him on many obvious questions, Bruen mentioned. Not only this, but Bruen also lambasted the inefficient strategy of the White House to issue clarifications about Biden’s mistakes.

He noted the White House should clarify the situation fully whenever it tries to correct the president after his mistakes. 

While Bruen acknowledged frequent attempts of the White House to backtrack Biden’s comments reduce the efficacy of his words, he also asserted Biden’s beliefs are now “outdated.” 

The former foreign service officer established that ongoing extraordinarily dangerous times require the strong diplomatic efforts of the administration.

Otherwise, the United States can help empower countries like North Korea, Iran, China, and Russia, Bruen added.

He further suggested that America managed to give many talking points to the whole world, which severely dented the country’s ability to lead the world.

Thus, the former official continued, Biden should work hard to optimize his national security team.

This he can do by removing national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who, according to Bruen, has failed to make a competitive team to help Biden in critical affairs.

Biden’s irresponsible comments at the highest levels have rung alarm bells all across the country.

As Republicans have started highlighting Biden’s inability to rule the country, the president has also smashed the White House staff for correcting him too often, claiming this makes the Republican narrative strong.


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