Biden Now Supports the GOP?


Joe Biden has been on a trip to Israel and it should be a fairly straightforward trip. As an American ally, Israel is a place Biden can shake hands and smile for the camera, hopefully without too many gaffes.

Though it’s not working out that way. As usual, Biden is finding a way to put his foot in his mouth, in this case during an interview.

During the interview with N12, Biden talked about a lot of things that we didn’t know about, including that he wasn’t supported in running for POTUS from within his own party.

It was clear that even Obama didn’t really support Biden, but the party came together around him. However, the interview went downhill from here for POTUS…

Biden Praises GOP By Mistake

In addition to saying his own party didn’t support him running, Biden said he ran to bring back “decency.”

How’s that working out? We have woke educators trying to cut our children’s genitals; every day, there are more photos of his son Hunter with trafficked prostitutes and crack cocaine.

He also said in the interview that he ran to rebuild our middle class. How is that going for people? Gas prices are so high that people are rationing their driving; inflation is rapidly eroding the American dream for people across the country…

Yet, Biden said the real problem is the GOP which is a big “mega party.” Is it bad to be a big party? It’s true that many people support the Republican Party.

It’s also true that Trump did a lot in the Middle East with the Abraham Accord tying friendship between Israel and many Arab nations. Biden claimed that Trump “walked away” from the Middle East when the opposite is the truth.

It’s Biden who pulled out of Afghanistan without following a real plan; it’s Biden who has no idea what day it even is.

Biden Snaps at Reporter

While speaking to the reporter, Biden also got angry when the reporter tried asking him about the awful ongoing war in Ukraine. Biden denied that he’d said the war could take years, but then agreed that yes it could after snapping at the reporter.

Biden seems to want to just fund the war in Ukraine forever without a clear end goal. Getting rid of Russia could end up being a lot harder than he thinks, and blaming Trump for it is not going to work forever.

It’s no wonder the GOP is becoming such a popular party, considering the Democrats are led by people like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

It’s embarrassing for Americans to be represented on the world stage by an angry old man who can’t even remember what he just said

What a disaster…


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