Biden Signs Huge Gun Control Bill


On Thursday, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) put through a sweeping ruling, allowing concealed carry in every state for individuals with a permit.

However, that does not mean all other gun restrictions are suddenly gone or erased.

In fact, just today on Saturday, Joe Biden gave his signature to a landmark piece of gun control legislation, claiming it will save lives.

What Does the New Bill Include?

Biden referenced the shooting last month in Uvalde, Texas that claimed the lives of 19 kids and two teachers. He said the need to “do something” had finally been acted on.

The new bill was approved by the House and Senate earlier this week. Biden signed off on it today, just prior to heading over to the EU for a conference.

This new bill is the toughest gun control in decades and includes a number of new restrictions and regulations.

Specifically, this includes expanded red flag laws and much stricter background checks for people under 21 buying firearms.

It also removed gun rights from those who have been cited for domestic violence and pumped lots of money into counseling and mental health initiatives in school.

While Biden says this bill doesn’t get to “everything,” it still takes some good steps and it’s the best that could be worked out on a bipartisan basis, at this time.

The Left Wants More

This bill is bad news for gun rights, but it could be much worse. The left wants to take away concealed carry rights, restrict “assault weapons,” and lower magazine capacity allowances, among much more.

This law doesn’t go that far; although it does give the federal government more power and jurisdiction over controlling who gets to own a gun and who is prohibited.

Biden now heads to the EU for the G7 (Group of Seven) meeting and then on to Spain to meet with North Atlantic Treaty (NATO) officials.

This gun control bill is Biden’s parting shot before he gets back and can continue complaining about the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade and blaming legal gun owners for mass shootings.

It’s important to keep these kinds of legislative steps in mind.

Even as some may believe gun rights are advancing, legislation like this is steadily encroaching on the Second Amendment in many ways that will be very hard and take time to reverse.

The Bottom Line

The biggest impact this new set of gun control laws is going to have is in the area of red flag regulations.

There are all sorts of situations where the government can now take weapons away from people who have been red-flagged.

There are also many situations where those who have been red-flagged will be prevented from purchasing a new weapon or any weapon.

This is a big step backward for America and our basic rights.


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