Biden Suffers Fresh Tripping Incident After Weird ‘Bipartisan’ Comments

(Social media video snapshot)

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden suffered a brand-new stumbling incident on the steps of the Air Force One plane.

This was right after he made some weird comments masked as pro-bipartisan well-wishing.

Biden Tripping, Figuratively and Literally

The painful-to-watch senility, slurred speech, incomplete sentences, diplomatic blunders, and senior moments of 79-year-old Sleepy Joe have already become legendary worldwide.

Against that overall senility backdrop, recent reports have it that Biden is yelling at his subordinates because of his sliding ratings and their alleged failure to inform him of critical problems, such as the shortage of baby formula.

The problems in question are only deteriorating.

This stems from overall inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, the supply chain crisis, the Soviet-style shortage of basic goods, such as baby formula, and the still lingering COVID-19 pandemic – all the way to the unfettered settlements of illegal immigrants and more.

Air Force One, Stumble 2.0

After he spoke to reporters on Wednesday, Sleepy Joe was headed to board Air Force One. This is when he stumbled on the steps amid his way up, in a repeat of his famous last year’s incident of the same nature.

In all fairness, this time, the soon-to-be-80 Democrat, who practically made himself into a puppet of the radical left, didn’t collapse on the steps. He managed to remain upright and keep his wobbly walk up to Air Force One.

The fresh tripping incident occurred as Sleepy Joe was heading to California for the summit of the Organization of American States.

This is a forum that became a failure for US diplomacy, even before it started. It’s lacking participants in Mexico and the three Central American states from the Northern Triangle – Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

The four nations in question are among the top sources of illegal immigrants waltzing through the southern border that’s now obliterated by Joe Biden.

Of course, the Democrat Party appears to be all too happy to stimulate illegal immigration.

The mainstream media already found a new way to attack anybody who happens to be against that, by declaring them racist supporters of the “Great Replacement Theory.”

Prior to heading for his new event on Air Force One, Sleepy Joe went before reporters with a weird rant of fake bipartisanship on the issue of “gun violence.”

He told reporters, as cited by The Daily Mail, that Tuesday night’s primaries in California sent “both parties” a “clear message” that they have got to “do something about” both “crime” and “gun violence.”

Biden tried to make it sound as though the Republican Party was to blame for the skyrocketing violent crime in Democrat-run communities.

Yet it is the progressive, communist Democrats who defunded the police and have been implementing insane, evil-minded “justice reforms” to the benefit of violent, repeat criminals.



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