Biden Teaches “Out of Step” Progressives a Lesson


President Biden is fed up with the progressive members of the Democrat Party over their weird and impractical demands.

The “out of step” members want Biden to take actions, way beyond his executive authority. Now, the White House wants to give them a valuable lesson. 

White House Schooled Far-Left Activists

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Biden signed a symbolic executive order, expanding abortion access in the country.

This executive order was pushed for, despite the fact the president lacks authority to touch the matter, after the Supreme Court’s decision.

However, progressives have been persistent in pushing Biden to take measures to make it possible, unaware of the legal implications it could cause against the president. 

This prompted the White House to issue a statement against the far-left activists who have been desperately forcing the president to provide abortion access.

According to White House communications director Kate Bedingfield, the president does not aim to please activists who have consistently been “out of step” with the Democrat Party.

Bedingfield added the president only wants to help troubled women by putting together a board-based coalition, just as he did in the 2020 campaign period to win the election.

The White House communications director further asserted that Biden has “deep outrage” over the Supreme Court decision and is planning to implement his agenda wherever possible.

Although Bedingfield declined to name the troubling far-left activist who urged the White House to take such an assertive stance, Congresswoman AOC and Senator Elizabeth Warren remained the loudest critics of the president after the abortion verdict.

Recently, Warren called on Biden and asked to increase abortion access as much as possible by promoting medication and starting abortion clinics on federal lands of red states.

Similarly, AOC called the current situation the “crisis of legitimacy” and emphasized the president “must address” these crises.

She previously asked Biden to use federal lands for abortion purposes. Though, unlike progressives’ perception, Biden does not want to go this route.

Vice President Kamala Harris already announced the White House is not considering using federal lands to expand abortion access.

Progressives Want Biden to Give More Attention to Abortion

Many progressives are also accusing the White House of not giving deserving attention to the issue.

They claim the White House only did lip service in a nearly two-month time period between the Supreme Court documents leak and the actual decision.

According to the Washington Post, Biden assumed the verdict would not come anytime soon.

Therefore, he was unprepared for such a backlash from his own people, who believe their leader lacks passion for protecting abortion access.

For a long time, Biden adopted an attitude of pleasing every demand, to satisfy both the moderate and far-left members of the Democrat Party.

As moderate senators oppose ending the filibuster, the president requested a one-time exception to the rule to pass abortion laws from the Senate to satisfy far-left voters.


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