Biden Vows to ‘Slay’ Trump in 2024 Election, Claims He’s Only Dem Who Can

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President Joe “Multiple Crises” Biden and Democratic Party figures and aides believe he will “slay” former President Donald Trump in a potential 2024 presidential election rematch, and, what is more, consider him the only Democrat capable of doing that, according to a report.

Empty Shelves Joe Billing Himself as ‘the Trump Slayer’

Sleepy Joe’s high opinion of himself and his 2024 reelection prospects, at least vis-à-vis Trump, shared by high-profile Democrats and leftist pundits, was revealed in a Thanksgiving Day report by The Daily Mail.

It comes after earlier this month, shortly before Biden’s 80th birthday on November 20, The New York Times revealed he was confident he could “slay” Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The report came as Joe Biden, his wife and Caretaker-in-Chief Jill Biden, their scandalous and prodigal First Son Hunter, and their daughter Ashley were spending Thanksgiving in a billionaire’s mansion on Nantucket island.

Against that backdrop, Empty Shelves Joe has a gaffe-packed Thanksgiving week, after he joked he didn’t need a physical because he was fully healthy, he tuned in to an NBC Thanksgiving Parade show with a 20-second awkward silence, and, earlier this week, acted bizarrely during the annual Turkey Thanksgiving Pardon ceremony at the White House.

The report points out that Turkey Joe used to present himself as a “transitional president” who could serve a single term to help overcome “the chaos” of the “Donald Trump years” before passing the leadership torch to a “younger Democrat successor.”

However, even as his ratings were faring poorly for months because of the sky-high inflation, the relatively strong performance of the Democrats in the midterm elections may actually have emboldened not only Joe Biden himself but also many Democratic Party figures and leftist voters.

So much so that Biden has practically announced a plan for running for reelection in 2024 even as he has already become America’s oldest president in the nation’s nearly 250-year history.

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Sleepy Joe Expected to ‘Finish This Agenda’ 

The Democrat occupant of the White House would now “get” nothing “out of” being solely a one-term, “transitional president,” according to Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian quoted by Politico. 

Brinkley said Biden still “has no clear successor.” Moreover, “what matters is Trump,” and Sleepy Joe is considered “the Donald Trump slayer.”

The historian noted Democrats believe Biden could “do it again,” i.e., once again beat Trump, who on November 15 finally made official his long-anticipated 2024 presidential candidacy. 

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the head of the Marxist-Communist “Progressive Caucus,” is quoted as saying she has become a Joe Biden “convert.” 

She is surprised by her current position, but she thinks Biden should seek reelection and “finish this agenda” that the increasingly far-left Democratic Party has laid out. 

The report points out that “Biden has no obvious successor” because his veep, Kamala Harris, has poor ratings. At the same time, centrist Democrats seem increasingly “turned off” by the party’s more and more “extreme-left turn” concerning social issues. 

Across the aisle, though, for all of Trump’s prominence in the Republican Party, the GOP is considered to have a “wealth” of potential candidates for its 2024 presidential nomination, “both MAGA and centrist.”