Biden’s New Obsession: Racist Roads and Bridges


Joe Biden has proven himself a failed president in every way possible, but it’s not just Biden who’s the problem.

He has managed to stack together an administration that is among the very worst ever seen in American history.

One of those individuals is failed presidential candidate and far-left fool Pete Buttigieg, who serves as Transportation Secretary. His job is to keep our roads running and our infrastructure working well.

He’s doing an absolutely terrible job. Though Buttigieg has a new idea: he’s going to rebuild roads that he finds racist. Yes, seriously.

Hey Ho, Racist Roads Have Got to Go

A whopping $1 billion is being pumped into tearing down and rebuilding roads, bridges, and highways with racist undertones.

These include routes that were constructed through historically black communities and other roads which separated minorities from white communities in the past.

It’s true that road design has had political, social, and racial motivations in the past. Roads often reflect income level, and historically reflected racist attitudes as well.

Though many of these roads Buttigieg wants to tear down have been in place for half a century or more and are serving their purpose just fine. Any racial angle they once had is long in the past.

Yet still, in the midst of our massive inflation and crises, Buttigieg is focused on the “problem” of highways with an offensive history.

Buttigieg even mentioned the shame of “taxpayer dollars” being spent in the past for racist or segregationist reasons.

He cited that as a justification for why these transit routes and highways need to be torn up, redesigned, and built elsewhere.

Welcome to Biden’s America

In Biden’s America, the shelves might be empty and gas prices at record highs, but the priority is on fixing hurt feelings from 60 years ago.

This is huge money; it’s being spent almost completely unnecessarily, apart from some of it going to add bus routes and parks.

According to Transportation Department officials, “environmental justice” and “disadvantaged” people will be given priority in this infrastructure rebuilding.

I suppose we’ll all wait with bated breath for them to build more highways through poor white areas of rural Appalachia or Arkansas. However, we all know this will go straight to urban and semi-urban minority communities.

This will be done so Biden can virtue signal about being such a racial justice warrior and caring so much about black people. This guy and his administration are truly shameless.

Where Will Roads Be Torn Down?

One example of a road that will be torn down is the highway leading to Jones Beach on New York’s Long Island. It was built by Robert Moses and made it harder for black and Puerto Ricans to get to the beach.

Another area is in Syracuse, where a highway went through a historically black neighborhood.

So, we can all feel better about hurt feelings 50 years ago or go to the beach more easily now, but gas is too expensive to even drive there. Welcome to Biden’s America.


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