BIG TECH BASHED: Bad News For Silicon Valley Libs


There’s been some bad news for conservatives lately. For one thing the Democrats have retaken the US Senate during the midterms.

For another thing, there’s a lot of nasty infighting in the conservative movement including former President Trump slinging all sorts of mud at recently reelected Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Can we please have some good news?

Well, job losses are never good news, but when they happen to the same people who’ve been bullying and harassing patriots for the past decade you can’t help but be a little less than sympathetic.

Who am I talking about? Big tech.

Big Tech Breakdown

Silicon Valley is a part of California where the zip codes are some of the most exclusive in the nation.

There are areas of San Francisco so expensive that only CEOs and middle management of large tech companies can even live there, while only a few miles away homeless people sit in piles of used needles and excrement.

In terms of what Big Tech does, basically they run the internet including many apps and things we use on our phones and computers.

We thank them for that: I think many of us have used Uber and other Big Tech powered services and had decent experiences.

What we don’t thank Big Tech for is throttling free speech, running Facebook and Twitter into the ground and trying to force America to go woke, including its open discrimination against President Trump.

Well, now Big Tech is finally getting what’s coming to them, laying off many employees and telling them they’re simply not needed anymore.

How Bad of Layoffs Are We Talking About?

Pretty bad, actually. Just in the past week we’ve seen 20,000 individuals in Silicon Valley shown the exit door. That’s a lot of pink slips and a lot of coders and internet censors who are going to have to learn to do a real job.

While Google and Apple are hiring less people, places like Facebook (“Meta”) are laying off thousands.

Sorry, they say: we hired too many of you during the pandemic and now we don’t need your rainbow rally righteousness anymore. Good luck out there and remember if things get really bad you can always apply for some food stamps and enjoy the hyperinflated Biden bucks.

This is definitely not what Big Tech workers were hoping for.

Elon Musk also came in and axed half of Twitter, cutting off deadweight that was doing nothing for the company. The liberal media went berserk with “concern.”

However with Mark Zuckerberg ultra-liberal we’ve heard no complaints about him showing 11,000 people directions to the nearest homeless camp.

The Bottom Line

Big Tech’s monopoly is coming to an end. Love him or hate him, Elon Musk is trimming the fat and other companies are having to keep up.