Big Tech Gets Even Closer to Communist China


It’s no secret that Big Tech leans left, but what some don’t realize is they lean all the way left to communism.

It makes sense in a way: if you share a goal of controlling everything people do and ending religion and freedom, then of course you’d eventually meet up and shake hands.

That’s what was on full and sickening display, recently. Apple CEO Tim Cook met up with a genocide-denying paper of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to praise China’s tech sector and whitewash its crimes.

This isn’t really surprising, because we already know people like Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and others have no shame, but it’s still extremely disturbing.

What Did Cook Say?

Sitting down for an interview with China Daily, Cook said he’s proud of the advancements coming out of China’s tech sector and talked about Apple and other subjects. China Daily denies China’s ongoing enslavement, sterilization, and genocide of its Uyghur minority.

This isn’t the first time Cook has shown he admires and approves of Communist China. Last year, he spoke extensively with an app creator called Liu Wei, who was later promoted to a top position in the CCP.

This same app creator helped make apps that flagged users who tried to question or undermine “state power.” It also provided severe penalties for those who disturbed China’s “national solidarity.”

In other words, Cook doesn’t feel too worried about meeting with genocide-denying, CCP-supporting individuals and publications if it gets him more coverage in China and a platform to spew his empty drivel about how wonderful Apple is for the world.

This guy is a hypocrite of the worst kind, constantly claiming Apple protects privacy and user security to a high extent, while partnering up with the most technologically intrusive regime, apart from North Korea.

Horrifying Hypocrisy

While people like Cook are very gung-ho about getting offended over LGBT rights and other subjects, they have no problem cozying up to a totalitarian regime that forces abortions and disappears entire families who speak out against them.

Like the NBA, Big Tech is full of horrifying hypocrisy and individuals who really hate America.

They care more about their bottom line and making money than they do about anything regarding human rights or liberty. Considering that Apple had five million apps made in China downloaded last year, Cook has a strong incentive to be nice.

Though why does he have to do so on an official CCP platform? Simple: China’s media is almost fully controlled by the CCP, so if he wants the word out, he has to do it through them.

He apparently has no problem doing so, since his principles are flexible as long as they make enough money.


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