Burger King Launches “Pride Whopper”

"Burger King" "Burger King Sign by Mike Mozart

The Burger King Austria branch put the entire company under criticism with their latest Pride Month campaign.

This featured a burger identical to the all-time classic Whopper, with a bit of a twist.

Apparently, someone in the branch’s marketing team thought it’d be symbolic to construct the whopper with two equal buns, effectively making it so 50% of the burgers can’t be set down on the table.

“Burger King” by Mike Mozart

Fast food lovers fed up with Burger King’s LGBT pandering

Of course, customers are allowed to pick what kind of bun they’d like on their burger, meaning a lot of food will be wasted for the sake of a pointless and controversial campaign.

The campaign is set to run until June 20th in Austria, but it may be cut short, considering all the negative attention it’s garnered in the past couple of days.

Some Twitter users feel outraged at the creative liberty the Burger King Austria team took.

One such was Netflix employee Jarett Wieselman, who was appalled by the embarrassing attempt to profit off the Pride Month craze.

Others simply quote retweeted the news, usually following it up with a “what the hell?”

Even some LGBT supporters on the platform slammed the company for the advertisement, claiming not everything has to be about politics, especially food.

No pleasing the LGBT crowd

As expected, Burger King officials didn’t respond to the criticism. Unless they’re completely tone-deaf, the advertisement campaign won’t be making its way into the US.

That is, at least not until next year when some Gen Z brat feels outraged at the fact their burger was made with non-equal buns.

This is a perfect example of how out-of-touch some of these companies are. Even if your entire campaign for the month of June is essentially pandering to a minority group, at least do it properly, or not at all.

Other companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and the rest of the industry giants have already made their moves; just like every year, they’re now raking in the big bucks with minimal effort.

Burger King isn’t the first company to fall under criticism over a Pride Month campaign, or lack thereof. Earlier in June, BMW was slammed for not changing their Middle-Eastern account’s profile pic into a rainbow-colored thematic.

Naturally, the LGBT crowd fails to understand that acts of homosexuality and promoting the behavior are punishable by law in the United Arabian Emirates.

Even where they’re not illegal, they’re largely frowned upon by the general public.

To put it short, whether you are celebrating Pride Month or not, the LGBT community will be displeased with your decisions, so maybe it is best to keep away from the trend entirely.


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