Cartels Tighten Deadly Grip on Our Southern Border


The situation on the US-Mexico border is well known by now. Millions of illegal immigrants tried to cross last year; hundreds of thousands are in the country now awaiting asylum hearings that won’t happen for years.

However, what’s less well understood by some Americans is how much control Mexican drug and trafficking cartels have on our southern border.

The reality for many who live near the border is not good. Just go to the border and you will hear many sad stories of Mexican migrants suffering amid hardship and a lot of violence.

Instead of making clear rules to help with this, the Biden regime keeps leaving our laws unclear and allowing cartels to profit off the backs of illegal immigrants.

Welcome to Matamoros, Mexico

Matamoros, Mexico just across the border from Texas is a very sad example of what’s going on. One woman from Honduras is there with her son and husband after a gang killed her brother and threatened to kill her entire family.

They went through many dangerous situations and were expelled from a farm in Tabasco because foreigners were not well accepted there. Then, her daughter suffered a kidnapping attempt in Monterrey.

In Matamoros, they were taken into the house of a gentleman who claimed to be a pastor. Yet, he was actually a human trafficker; fortunately, after 20 days in prison, they managed to escape.

They are currently still in Matamoros, but managed to take refuge in a complex across the river from Brownsville, Texas.

The feeling of anguish and fear still takes over the family, because the local cartel is prowling the shelter in an attempt to catch her husband. The woman feels trapped, not knowing what to do; after all, she does not want to cross the border illegally.

This kind of situation is common, especially in places like Matamoros, where illegals wait by the thousands to cross.

The Dark Truth Behind Illegal Immigration

That’s just one of the scary stories that unfortunately is the life of many people living in cities that border us. What’s behind all this daily nightmare is much darker and darker.

There is a shady but very lucrative market around illegal immigration. Cartels and smugglers are filling their pockets on the back of migrants and Americans who think offering asylum is compassionate.

Unfortunately, U.S. border policy itself is what created and sustains all dirty money gear. The cartel works as follows: they control everything, absolutely everything at the borders.

In the process of validating illegal entry into the U.S., there are many cartel checkpoints.

When migrant buses are stopped by them, it is necessary that each one says the release code that is nothing more than the confirmation of payment carried out for the cartel.

That’s how they hold all the control and keep track of who paid or not. Those who haven’t paid are killed or tortured and extorted.

Cartels expect all illegals to reach the US and pay them back for working there.

This Problem Isn’t Going Away

The demand at the borders is eternally endless; so too is the dirty money industry, often of blood, that has tightened its grip on our border.

The scheme is so big it encompasses an entire chain that powers the cartel. Enough tears and blood have flowed at the border. It’s time to secure it and get our asylum laws tightened up to stop the cartels.


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