Celebrating the British Queen On the Frontlines of War


At the request of a band of British “extremely patriotic” Ukrainian troops who hailed the Queen over a festive BBQ, British soldiers delivering supplies into Ukraine took a hiatus.

The hiatus is from running rescue trucks to commemorate Elizabeth II’s Platinum Celebration.

Rule Britania

Since Russia escalated its aggression against Ukraine earlier this year, the UK has become one of the first and largest contributors of sophisticated weaponry to Ukraine.

A team of British soldiers was welcomed by Ukrainian combatants to commemorate the nation’s special day in Kyiv this week, demonstrating their apparent appreciation.

Trucks Without Borders’ humanistic volunteer organization founder, Jack Ross, told Breitbart England from Ukraine that combatants from the Obolon Legion decided to invite them to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Celebration.

This marks her 70 years on the throne.

“We collaborated with Obolon Legion, who are supplying us with our military escort as we go across Ukraine, protecting us from Russian soldiers and robbers,” Ross added.

“It’s been wonderful; they’re wonderful folks. They’re also highly patriotic, as evidenced by the fact they requested us to do this. Why aren’t we honoring our Queen?” they asked.

The celebration, which included beer, grilled meats, and British bunting, was enthusiastically received by the Ukrainians.

The NLAW weaponry is a cooperative Anglo-Swedish project developed in Ulster, one of the United Kingdom’s homelands.

“We accomplished it; they had a great time, they were extremely [positive about the Queen], they said ‘thank you again for NLAWs,'” he said.

“It’s been an enriching journey and a wonderful opportunity to honor the Queen.”

Is the Aid Working?

Trucks Without Borders told Breitbart England that while large amounts of funding from volunteer groups and organizations traversed Europe, the vast majority of it only managed to make it as far as the Polish-Ukrainian border.

Either that or it was stacking up in secure cities like Lviv and Uzhhorod, especially during the early quarters of the now 101-day-old conflict.

Their mission, according to Ross, was to get those goods farther into Ukraine, to battle-scarred regions where they were most required.

Ross mentioned bombed-out cities like Kharkiv in the southeast and Chernihiv in the northeast as examples.

“Ukraine is a vast country, and it’s annoying when foreign organizations provide aid, but frequently in a very useless way,” Ross told Breitbart.

“We make certain that materials provided by individuals arrive in the arms of Ukrainians who require them.”

Ukraine is currently losing 60 to 100 soldiers every day in war, according to Volodymyr Zelensky.

In 1968, the bloodiest year for American forces in the War in Vietnam, little under 50 American soldiers were killed every day on average.

Gen. Viktor Muzhenko, the Ukrainian Armed Services’ chief of high command until 2019, was among those who paid their condolences to the 49-year-old Makhachek at his burial on Friday.

He forewarned the losses may get worse.


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