Children Who Changed Their Genders Want to Get Their Original Genders Back


Children who fell for the leftist traps of gender dysphoria are lamenting over the decisions that destroyed their lives.

Many such kids are now “de-transitioners” who seek to regain their original gender identity as soon as possible.

Children Who Changed Their Genders Cry 

Underage kids are the primary targets of far-left campaigns of gender dysphoria, as they are easy to influence. So, many kids have changed their genders after believing the fancy slogans of liberal activists.

Now, they are mourning over their fate for the mistake which has completely changed their lives for the worse.

One such girl named Chole decided she was transgender at the mere age of 12 after believing the leftist narrative. This prompted her to use a puberty blocker the same year.

Eventually, she went through a double mastectomy to remove her breast tissues at the age of 15. However, she started to regret her decision after one year.

Currently, Chloe is 17 years old and part of a growing “de-transitioner” group, trying to get her original gender identity back.

She said she “can’t stay quiet,” so she is sharing her “cautionary tale” with other people. Chloe blamed the status quo for her misery, claiming the system failed her.

However, Chole is not alone in this. Helena Kerschner, 23, from Ohio, was also born as a biological female, but got influenced by gender dysphoria at the age of 14.

In her shocking revelations, Kerschner claimed she never felt bad about her gender before stepping into an online community that exposed her to transgender-friendly content.

According to her, Tumblr encouraged her to change her gender.

Before transitioning, Helena thought “all of her problems in life” would be solved when she changed her gender.

Far-Left is Still Encouraging Gender Transition

With the rise of the far-left, gender transitioning has become a common state of affairs in many western nations.

Apart from the United States, the United Kingdom is also affected by this menace. The number of girls changing themselves to boys increased by 4,400% from 2009 to 2019.

Similarly, the number of boys changing their genders jumped by 1,000% in the same period. The same is the case in the US, as well; a CDC report indicated young people identifying themselves as transgender doubled in the last five years.

There is a prevailing concern among health experts that young people are emotionally changing their genders without proper medical guidance. 

For instance, a clinical psychologist Dr. Erica Anderson, who herself is a transgender activist and helped a score of children change their genders, stated many professionals are “failing children” without giving them the necessary mental health aid.

Despite all of these stories, the far-left is still pursuing the dangerous path, playing with the lives of children by urging them to change their genders at a young age.


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