China Now Has Technology to Read Your Mind


Communist China wants to take over the world.

As if that weren’t obvious enough from their spying activities here in the United States, you can just take a quick look at the ongoing buildup of their military and technology.

The constant threats to Taiwan and support of Russia are just part of it. China has a full spectrum plan to bring atheistic communism over the whole world, from Africa to South America.

Though this next part may confuse some conservatives, because, on the surface, it seems potentially good.

Mind Reading Device to See When Men Watch Porn

Chinese scientists have apparently created a technology that can analyze brainwaves to see if somebody is watching porn. Adult material is illegal in China, even though many people obviously still watch it via proxy servers and other methods.

As part of their censorship efforts, this new technology would red flag users who are likely looking at pornography, based on their vital signs and other subtle psychometric signs.

It was made by a team of scientists at a Beijing university and is for finding “bad information” and those accessing it. Even if they manage to hide their digital trail, smartphones and computers will pick up the psychological and physical signs.

This may be terrifying from a freedom perspective, but might seem promising to some conservatives on a moral basis. After all, states like Utah heavily restrict pornography as well.

However, this is like comparing apples and oranges. While Utah filters outside some porn under morality laws, China is now actively tracking users in order to try to increase productivity.

This Has Nothing To Do With Morality

It’s important to realize Communist China has no morality per se.

It rose to power by destroying the traditions and culture of the real China; it has no value for human life, spirituality, or faith, apart from if they make people more compliant and obey the government.

This new tech is simply about making sure China doesn’t become “soft” with too many young people tiring themselves out by pleasuring themselves in front of screens.

China wants them to study in university, make money, fight in the military, and help the nation instead. This new device has to be fitted on, to be fair, but emits a noise when anything explicit is viewed.

China already has expert censorship pros who check what people are watching; they have AI filters even on proxy sites, but this doesn’t always work. This new device could be required at schools and other institutions as further oversight.

The Bottom Line

It’s true that porn is clearly a hindrance to many young people and can even be addictive. However, where do we draw the line between free choice and the common good?

Is the future going to be fully controlled in this kind of way, and if so, who controls it?


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