Chinese Commies Stab Free World’s Back By Helping Putin Drain Ukrainian Blood


Communist China discovered a new way of showing its true anti-Western and anti-freedom colors.

One of its high-tech companies is believed to be supplying murderous troops of bloodthirsty Russia with top-notch drones for Putin’s war against Ukraine and the entire free world.

Maybe China Isn’t Sitting on the Fence After All

China’s government seemed to be more or less sitting on the fence since Putin declared war on Ukraine.

While some Chinese companies cut business ties with Russia to avoid getting pummeled by American and western sanctions, others may actually be aiding the Russian aggression.

Key among those is DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations), a Chinese firm that’s the largest manufacturer of civilian drones in the world, Fox News reports.

The latest brief from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense puts the casualties of the Russian military at 33,800 troops killed in combat.

(15-year-old Andriy Pokrassa is one of Ukraine’s best drone pilots fighting off the Russians – social media video snapshot)

Actively Helping Russians Blow Up Ukrainian Drone Pilots

Against this backdrop of Russia’s humiliating, big-time losses at the hands of Ukraine’s defenders, China’s DJI company may have found a particularly nasty, sneaky way of helping Russians.

It seems to be supplying the Russian military with computer software that helps Putin’s invaders track Ukrainians with pilot DJI-manufactured drones for defensive military operations, according to a report by Fox News.

The software in question is the Chinese company’s all-out “drone detection platform,” which collects flight data of DJI-manufactured devices in real-time.

Subsequently, MediaMarket, a German electronics retailer, also accused the Chinese corporate of giving Russians real-time data about the location of Ukrainian civilian drone pilots.

DJI itself reacted bluntly by rejecting the accusations as “totally false.”

In April, facing further criticism, the Chinese firm stopped selling drones to both Ukraine and Russia. It even claimed it detested the very thought its drones could be used for military purposes.

The report emphasizes, however, that the fact DJI applied the same measures to Russia and Ukraine meant it may have been another pro-Putin move.

According to a report by the UK Defense Journal, as recently as May 15, Russians were crowdfunding to buy DJI-made quadcopter drones for the Russian invaders in Ukraine.

This may mean the Chinese manufacturer never actually stopped selling its products to Russia.

If that is the case, as it appears to be, DJI is actually helping Putin’s criminal troops exterminate Ukrainians. It is severely hurting Ukraine’s ability to defend its nation and the freedom of the West from aggression.

That is certainly done with the knowledge and likely active support of the government of the Chinese Communist Party.

Its leader, China’s president and Putin friend, Xi Jinping, left no doubts in recent years that they are in firm control of even fully-private, large-scale Chinese tech corporations.

While the United States and its allies have been issuing grave warnings to make sure Beijing communists aren’t helping the Russian aggression, China appears to be doing just that, albeit in a very sneaky, but highly effective, sickening manner.


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