Communist China Vows to Obliterate US Navy in War If It Aids Taiwan

(Social media video snapshot shows China's aggressively speaking Defense Minister Wei)

Communist China made one of its most aggressive declarations ever against the United States of America.

It declared it’s going to wipe out any American force that may come to the aid of democratic US ally, Taiwan.

China’s Communists Think Too Highly of Their Military

Any US effort to help Taiwan in the event of a Communist Chinese invasion from the mainland is going to spearheaded by the US Navy.

It remains inexplicable why communist China believes it can somehow overwhelm the US Navy. The US Navy is still the biggest, most powerful naval force ever assembled in the history of humanity.

What is particularly telling is China’s Defense Minister Wei Fenghe made the outright war threat against America during talks in Singapore with Joe Biden’s Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin.

Communist China has never ruled the island of Taiwan.

Taiwan – which officially calls itself the Republic of China – abstained from formally declaring its independence from the Communist “People’s Republic of China” ruled by Beijing.

Since the 1970s, the United States has been leaving Beijing communists guessing as to whether it would come to Taiwan’s aid if they decide to conquer the island by force.

However, the overwhelming expectation is America will intervene in order to crush imperialist Chinese communists and defend the free, democratic island.

China Throwing Threats at Biden’s Defense Secretary

As the US defense secretary met with his communist Chinese counterpart, Wei Fenghe, during the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, the latter didn’t shy away from exposing Beijing’s desire to conquer Taiwan or showing how belligerent Chinese communists feel towards the United States.

In his meeting with Austin, Wei scolded the United States for its new arms sales to Taiwan. Apparently, in the minds of the totalitarian aggressors, the victim doesn’t even have the right to self-defense.

Wei’s comments before Austin were revealed only by Col. Wu Qian, the official spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

He told Biden’s defense secretary that Beijing is going to wage war in the event of any move by Taiwan – backed by its ally America – that may bring out a formal declaration of independence for the island.

For his part, Austin declared the United States is not backing a unilateral declaration of independence by Taiwan, a remnant from the so-called One China policy from the 1970s.

However, America is highly concerned by the increasingly aggressive communist provocations against the democratic, freedom-loving island Taiwan.

According to Austin, the increased Chinese military activity towards Taiwan demonstrates that the Xi dictatorship might be seeking to alter the status quo through violent means and in favor of communist totalitarianism.

That may certainly force America to get involved by coming to the aid of its informal ally.


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