‘Defund-the-Police’ Democrat Congresswoman Calls Police After Man Threatens Her


Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal has been a leading advocate of defunding the police and supporting the anti-law enforcement ideas of the far left.

Jayapal has been a clear ally of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the so-called “Squad” since being elected to the House in 2017.

Jayapal, who immigrated to America at 16 from India, represents Washington’s 7th district and has a lot of support in this deep blue area. Though not everyone loves her.

Recently, a man threatening violence showed up and demanded she go back to India. Jayapal and her family were terrified; so they picked up the phone and called the police.

What Happened?

The incident occurred on Saturday evening in Seattle when a male individual approached Jayapal’s residence and yelled she should go back to India or he’d kill her.

Police arrested the 48-year-old man; he’s also expected to be charged with a hate crime. He reportedly lives very close to Jayapal and had a holstered weapon on him when police arrived at the scene.

The individual reportedly said he wanted to set up a tent in Jayapal’s yard as well. This is an indication that he believes immigrants like her are unwelcome in the United States, so he wanted to encroach on her land as well.

The individual was swearing a lot when he was arrested late Saturday. Jayapal claimed her husband Steve Williamson thought the men “might” have shot off a pellet gun as well.

Rhetoric Meets Reality

Jayapal is a first-class showboat who constantly made it clear she encourages taking funding away from police and putting it toward “people” instead.

She says this isn’t the same as defunding the police, but it’s exactly the same. It’s taking funding for the police and giving it to social workers, addiction counselors, and therapists instead.

It can cost many people their lives.

Luckily for Jayapal and her family, enough people even in Seattle don’t buy into this nonsense rhetoric; the police department still has enough officers to respond to calls.

Police showed up, arrested this guy, and charges will be laid today. It’s likely to include a class C hate crime charge, which means harming or threatening to harm someone due to their ethnicity, religion, and so on.

Jayapal Responds

Jayapal’s office responded, saying her family was there during the threats and that they were safe and thankful to the Seattle PD. They also said the FBI is investigating what happened.

Perhaps now Jayapal will have more respect for what police do and how not all of it can be solved with warm feelings and a hug.

A man with a gun threatening harm sometimes requires police to step in and resolve the situation. It’s as simple as that.


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