Democrats Just Got VERY BAD NEWS About 2024


The Democratic Party won the majority of Senate seats in 2023.

But it probably won’t happen in the 2024 elections.

In fact, the Democrat party’s popularity has plummeted in many key states that are likely to sink its future.

This is especially the case of Ohio, Montana and West Virginia.

Things Aren’t Looking Good for the Dems

We also have to take into account that some seats, won by the Democratic party, were in fierce dispute in the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania and Nevada.

An example of this is Catherine Cortez Masto, a Democratic senator elected in the state of Nevada, who won the race by less than 1 percent.

At the moment, both the Democratic and Republican democrats are betting heavily on Georgia’s runoff elections.

Let’s be frank, several factors will directly interfere with the upcoming Senate elections.

First, if not most of all, is that Biden will likely run again for the presidential throne despite his senility and advanced age. He intends to confirm his intention by the beginning of next year.

On the other hand, we will have Donald Trump, who wants more than anything to be back in charge of the White House in 2024.

POTUS Influence Matters (A Lot)

Presidential influence has become clear in these last Senate elections, especially in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona, where Republicans, backed by Trump, lost the election.

That was in the primaries.

By the way, the picture could be the reverse for republicans.

In Nevada, Democratic Senator Rosen will have to face a battalion of conservatives and especially a Purple Heart opponent.

Sam Brown is a former captain of the U.S. Army, and excelled in the primaries, despite losing to Adam Laxalt.

In Arizona, Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema will be up for re-election.

Probably the elections there will be quite fierce as well, with her facing off against her main opponent Ruben Gallego.

Gallego has not yet shown plans for 2024, but has never hidden his willingness to challenge Sinema.

Republicans hope there will be a breakup and internal chaos after this prevailing Democratic primary fight.

Dems Will Have To Fight Harder to Win…

In the states of West Virginia and Montana, Democrats will have to work harder.

In West Virginia, Democrat Joe Manchin will face Republican Alex Mooney.

Mooney had already made it clear that his intention is to hold higher positions.  Manchin, on the other hand, has not yet made it clear whether he will run for the Senate seat again.

In Montana, veteran Democratic Senator Jon Tester will run for office with Ryan Zinke, former Interior Secretary, and also against Matt Rosendale.

In Pennsylvania, the fight is very competitive between Democrats and Republicans.

David MsCormick is the Republican who has been gaining prominence in the state. McCormick lost his primary to Dr, Mehmet OZ.

Another state, where the contest promises to be a tough match, is Wisconsin. This year Ron Johnson, the Republican senator, won by little.

In Missouri we have Josh Hawley in Florida, Rick Scott and Texas giant Ted Cruz.

It may be that the red wave is indeed coming, it’s just been delayed by two years!