Democrats Openly Speak Against Biden


An increasing number of Democratic officials now believe Biden is miserably failing to keep the party intact.

Liberal politicians and strategists believe the January 6 committee is the only chance left for Biden to persuade swing voters ahead of the midterm elections.

Democrats Are Done With Biden

Democratic lawmakers who are concerned about their political careers are questioning Biden’s inability to pursue the things he promised during his presidential campaign.

They doubt Biden’s willingness to help the Democrat Party, so they suggest he not run in the 2024 election.

This frustration of liberal lawmakers comes with everlasting dwindling approval ratings of the president. He has also vented on his staff members for their failure to help him remain popular among the public.

According to the New York Times, the number of estranged Democratic lawmakers is “nearly 50.”

“Disappointed voters” of the Democrat Party are also worried about the rising popularity of Republicans, whose wins seem inevitable in the midterm elections, the New York Times reported.

The leftist media channel also claimed liberal voters and politicians are concerned about Biden’s age. He is at the end of his political career, yet putting the careers of other Democrats at risk.

Thus, the New York Times continued, Biden is not in a position to compete with former President Trump if both of them come face to face in the 2024 election. 

Biden’s Age Can Work Against Him

A member of the Democratic National Committee, Steve Simenonidis, explicitly claimed the country is not on the right track. Therefore, Biden should declare right after the midterm elections that he is not up for reelection.

However, the liberal media network suggested the January 6 committee is the last chance for Biden to undo all the damage.

Many Democrat lawmakers believe voters who are buried under chronic inflation have to be lured with something bigger; only the January 6 committee can achieve this feat.

Otherwise, Democrats claim, Biden failed on all avenues, including passing the signature policies of any Democratic president.

The New York Times also revealed top Democratic leadership is facing a mounting challenge to defend rising inflation in the country; therefore, they are relying on bringing the abortion issue to the limelight to get some political mileage.

Almost all the “Democrats interviewed,” as per the media channel, are worried about the lack of “political viability” of the president, especially his frequent gaffes, which worry almost every American.

Though some liberal strategists are still buying Biden’s narrative that he is being excessively blamed by the mainstream media.

David Axelrod, a one-time chief strategist of Barack Obama, stated Biden is not getting deserved credit.

However, he also acknowledged Biden has an age problem that can go against him if he wants to win reelection.


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