Dems’ Coy Answers Demonstrate How Controversial Their Abortion Extremism Is


During the Senate Judiciary Committee session on “A Post-Roe America” on Tuesday, Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley made headlines.

This happened when he questioned a Democratic speaker who continuously used the phrase “people with the ability to pregnancy” as she intended to replace “women.”

Khiara Bridges, a law professor at UC Berkeley, replied by labeling Hawley’s line of inquiry “transphobic” and asserting it threatened violence towards transgender individuals.

However, despite the media focus, this was hardly the most enlightening part of the session.

In fact, far more damning than the issues the witnesses actually answered were the ones they didn’t. This also turned out to be the queries Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn posed just after CBS terminated its online coverage.

Controversial Responses

Bridges paused before answering “yes” when questioned by Cornyn whether she believed a baby born alive had worth. He then posed the same question regarding an unborn child.

Bridges stated that she feels a person with reproductive capability has worth. People possess intelligence, autonomy, and dignity.

Cornyn stopped her, stating that she was speaking about the infant. Bridges said she was referring to a woman having the ability to get pregnant.

Cornyn said she wasn’t answering his question, so she told him she was instead answering a more interesting question she had asked herself.

Cornyn reiterated his inquiry. Bridges largely repeated her response, declining to specify whether she believed an unborn child has value.

Juliana Stratton, the lieutenant governor of Michigan, evaded Cornyn’s inquiry on whether she backed abortion for any purpose at any stage of pregnancy.

Stratton repeated firmly she believes everyone has the right to decide “what’s ideal for their life, their health, and their future,” but she declined to address the issue.

The Extremism

The abortion extremism displayed by Democratic witnesses is out of step with the beliefs of the majority of Americans.

At the hearing, Denise Harle, the chief counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom and a GOP witness, told the panel approximately 90 percent of Americans reject abortion in the third trimester, much less up to delivery.

According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, only 10% of voters support abortion during all nine months of pregnancy.

In spite of Democrats’ and the media’s constant assertions that Roe v. Wade enjoys majority support, a new survey demonstrates that Americans’ support for the judgment wanes when they discover what it involves.

When participants learned that Roe allowed late-term abortions when babies in utero could feel pain, the majority (56%) disapproved of the 1973 decision.

On the flip side, only 28% of the American people supported it. In addition, when asked about the humanity of embryonic babies, a majority of respondents (55 percent) agreed that abortions should be prohibited between zero and six weeks of conception.


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