Dems’ Spoiler Tactic Fails as Three GOP Candidates Win


On Tuesday night, Democrats’ multimillion-dollar wager to bolster Republican primary contenders in Colorado deemed weak in the general election failed. 

Three important Republican contenders who were considered more radical than their moderate opponents were endorsed by Democratic organizations. 

However, the effort backfired, costing Democrats millions of dollars as all three candidates lost their primaries to candidates viewed as more competent in the general election.

This dealt a major blow to a testing phase for the spoiler tactic intended to halt an anticipated red wave. The three defeats came in the Senate, gubernatorial, and 8th Congressional District contests.

Terrified and Anxious

All through this primary, the Democrats have demonstrated they are terrified.

Knowing that Michael Bennet and Jared Polis were in peril, they spent millions of dollars on illegal and deceptive mailers. Because their nominees failed, they are terrified. They are a blank stamp for the Biden policy of career-high gas prices and expensive inflation.

The Democrats’ chosen Senate candidate, state Rep. Ron Hanks, succumbed Tuesday night to entrepreneur Joe O’Dea.

Greg Lopez fell to businesswoman Heidi Ganahl, and erstwhile state Rep. Lori Saine succumbed to state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer in the GOP primary for the 8th Congressional District. 

At a minimum, $4 million was wasted on mailers, ads, and other forms of communication to voters supporting Hanks, who was fighting for the Republican nomination to replace three-term incumbent Bennet in the Senate.

Hanks said there was sufficient “proof of fraud in many states” to substantiate charges that Joe Biden was not elected fairly. 

“Ron Hanks feels that President Biden was fraudulently elected.”

According to a text message from Democratic Party supporters to Republican voters, if elected, he will attempt to outlaw all abortions and essentially eliminate gun control legislation. 

Moderates and the Red-Wave

O’Dea defeated Hanks 54.5 percent to 45.5 percent on Tuesday night. O’Dea has believed Biden was duly elected as president and expressed relatively moderate opinions on issues like abortion. 

According to the Denver Post, Democrats backed Lopez for governor, despite his opinion that all abortions should be prohibited and his suggestion that raped women should consider their pregnancies as a gift.

According to the source, the Democratic Governors Organization distributed content labeling him as “too conservative.” Similarly, the Democratic super PAC, Colorado Communications System, ran ads to support Lopez in the primary. 

Ganahl outperformed him 53.5% to 46.55%.

She was viewed as a more moderate candidate. She advocated increased limitations on abortion, including exemptions for rape, incest, and situations when the mother’s health is at risk. In November, she’s up against Polis.

The New York Post claimed a PAC spent more than $46,000 to support Saine in the 8th Congressional District. Kirkmeyer defeated her by a margin of 40% to 20%.

In the governorship and senate campaigns, Democrats are defending their seats, whereas the state’s 8th Congressional District is a newly constituted district resulting from the 2010 census.

Bennet and Polis are ahead of their Republican opponents for Senate and governor by more than 10 points.

According to reports, Democrats are anxious that a red-wave election year might make established Democratic areas competitive for the GOP. Conservatives won the gubernatorial race in blue-trending Virginia last November.


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